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You Better Watch Out--St. Nicholas is Coming to Town | Christopher B. Warner | The seldom-told stories of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker

Francis, women, and Candida Moss' truth problem | Carl E. Olson | A professor of New Testament at Notre Dame apparently values self-promotion and sensationalism over facts and orthodoxy.

Catholic Radio Launches in Los Angeles | Jim Graves | After a long absence, Catholic programming enters the country's largest radio market.

Catholicism's Latin American Problem | Dr. Samuel Gregg | Those interested in reviving Catholicism's saliency in everyday life in Latin America should consider how they can make Christ front-and-center of their social outreach.

"Behold Your Mother!": Meeting the Virgin Mary in D.C. | Br. Gabriel Torretta, O.P. | A new exhibit at The National Museum of Women in the Arts draws together a stunning collection of Renaissance and Baroque artwork.

Normality Is Not Hatred | James Kalb | Today's politics has no place for legitimate authority based on higher standards, so power must base itself on Choice, otherwise known as the Triumph of the Will.

From Anglican Bishop to Catholic Monsignor | Jim Graves | An interview with Msgr. Peter Wilkinson, a former Anglican bishop who realized the "dream" of full communion with the Roman Catholic Church.

Revisiting Pope Leo XIII and Reclaiming Catholic Social Doctrine | Gregory J. Sullivan | Anthony Esolen's new book is a lively defense and erudite explanation of "first principles and human realities".

What Replaces Christianity? | Fr. James V. Schall, SJ | A general outline of what is replacing Christianity as the public order of the old Christendom and its overseas enclaves.

Adding Catholic Color to Monochromatic US History | Carrie Gress | An interview with Emily Stimpson, co-author of The American Catholic Almanac.

"Life for Life" is an "Essential Saint Film" | Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle | An interview with Anthony Ryan of Ignatius Press about an acclaimed film depicting the life and death of St. Maximillian Kolbe.

Final report on Vatican's Apostolic Visitation of U.S. women religious to be released on Dec. 16 | Ann Carey | The report from the Vatican's Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life is the culmination of six years of information gathering and study.

Men without roots turn into looters; men without purpose turn into predators | Carl E. Olson | All of the constant talk about "racial tensions" in Ferguson (and other communities) is distracting from the biggest elephant in the family room.

Learning the "Our Father" again in Great Britain | Joanna Bogle | Local groups in England are working to help children learn and understand the fundamental Christian prayer.

Dietrich von Hildebrand and Our Relativistic Age | Fr. Robert Barron | The great 20th-century philosopher was one of the most articulate and incisive critics of the kind of relativism that has come to hold sway in our time.

"In my beginning is my end. ... In my end is my beginning" | Carl E. Olson | Advent poses many Big Questions: What is the meaning of our short lives? What hope is man given in this passing world? In whom shall we trust for our salvation?

"There Is No Individual Apart From A Family": Louis de Bonald's Defense of Marriage | Jerry Salyer | The French Catholic philosopher warned that any people which permits the public repudiation of the matrimonial covenant is doomed to become trite, shallow, and silly.

A weekly guide to practicing Eucharistic adoration with a missionary perspective, just in time for the New Year
"Crapulous Cowards and Quarrel": A review of "The Ball and the Cross"
Immaculate Mary, Matchless in Grace
"I never could see why anyone in this day and age should object to the Immaculate Conception..."
Yes, We Can Know Truth Today
Gorgeous new children's book tells the Christmas story through the eyes of a shepherd child
Save 50% on these best-selling and new DVD series, thru Dec. 31st

Bishop John Bura Appointed Ambassador of Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in Washington, D.C.
Pope warns against "glossing over the differences" in ecumenical dialogue "at the expense of the truth"
The Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham grows, seeks to buy Methodist church building
Help these college students get to the Walk for Life: Here's how
"One of the merits of Christianity at its best is that ..."
Pope Francis and the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I sign Joint Declaration [full text]
Advent: Expectation, Exhortation, Eucharist, Eternal Life
New book records Dietrich von Hildebrand's prophetic, bold fight against Hitler
And Much More!

What Replaces Christianity? | Fr. James V. Schall, SJ | A general outline of what is replacing Christianity as the public order of the old Christendom and its overseas enclaves.

Scholars: No, Benedict XVI doesn't support Kasper in synod debates | CNA | A new volume of Ratzinger's collected works includes a revised essay on the reception of Communion by the divorced and remarried.

Tragedy has struck America. But a Grand Jury did its job. | John Paul Shimek | The death of Michael Brown and the service of Officer Darren Wilson deserve a more sensitive and sensible discussion about race issues in our country.

Catholic Rural Life | William L. Patenaude | "A large and busy family unified by working together on a family farm," says Bishop Paul D. Etienne of Cheyenne, Wyoming, "is a good worth promoting and protecting."

Jesus Christ: Logos, Shepherd, and Only King of All Creation | Carl E. Olson | The connection between herding sheep and ruling as a king is rather unique to Scripture.

The Time for Complacent Catholicism is Over | Fr. Martin R. Tripole, SJ | How ready are we to stand up for traditional Catholic values and beliefs today?

Unveiling Scripture and Tradition | Insight Scoop | The Augustine Institute, partnering with Lighthouse Media and Ignatius Press, is excited to announce a brand new video-based study series: Lectio: Unveiling Scripture and Tradition.

The Roots of Catholicism: Pagan or Jewish? | Mark P. Shea | As we near Advent and Christmas, the tired claim that Christianity is warmed-over paganism will be trotted out yet again.

Across the Stars: A Review of Interstellar | Nick Olszyk | As a piece of science fiction, Christopher Nolan's space opera is impressive, but it is undermined and diminished by a relentlessly scientistic perspective.

Four Popes, The Synod, and The Future | John Paul Shimek | An interview with Italian theologian and journalist, Andrea Gagliarducci, about Francis, Benedict XVI, St. John Paul II, and Paul VI.

What Newman Would Have Made of Vatican II | Edward Short | Fr. Ian Ker's book, Newman on Vatican II, is thoroughly researched and masterfully written.

Vatican's colloquium on marriage focuses on universal right, complementarity, anthropology, and strategy | Michael Severance | The just concluded Humanum conference featured addresses from Pope Francis and the former Chief Rabbi of the UK, and was attended by 350 interreligious leaders.

The Bishops' Priorities, the Media's "Agenda", and the "Francis Effect" | CWR Staff | Bishop Christopher J. Coyne, the newly elected Chairman of the USCCB's Committee on Communications, discusses the recent General Assembly, the Pope, media spin, and mission vs. maintenance.

Learning the "Our Father" again in Great Britain | Joanna Bogle | Local groups in England are working to help children learn and understand the fundamental Christian prayer.

"It was a great experience to do this role, but also a great challenge." | Jim Graves | German actress Alissa Jung on the difficulties and rewards of portraying Mary, the Mother of God, in the film, "Mary of Nazareth".

Revisiting the Argument from Desire | Fr. Robert Barron | This argument for the existence of God tends to be dismissed out of hand by skeptics, but deserves a closer look.

What Cardinal O'Malley should have said about "women priests" on "60 Minutes" | David F. Pierre, Jr. | The Archbishop of Boston said that if he were founding a church, he'd "love to have women priests!"

Unveiling Scripture and Tradition | Insight Scoop | Introducing Lectio: Unveiling Scripture and Tradition, a brand new, dynamic study series exploring the truth and relevance of the Scriptures and Tradition of the Catholic Church, featuring Dr. Tim Gray.

Christian Unity Cannot Be Built on Lies | Dr. Adam A. J. DeVille | The Russian Orthodox Metropolitan Hilarion Alfeyev not only misrepresents Catholic practice and history, he also misrepresents Orthodox practice and history.

Will Progressive Catholics Finally Admit the Truth about Obamacare? | Anne Hendershott | Catholics were repeatedly assured that the Affordable Care Act would not pay for abortion. That falsehood has now been exposed many times over.

We must fear God from love, not love God from fear | Carl E. Olson | The "fear of the Lord," rightly understood, is closely intertwined with love and wisdom.

An Interview with T. M. Doran | | Doran discusses his third novel, Iota, the story of a man imprisoned by the Communist Russian "liberators" of Prague following World War II.

The Roots of Catholicism: Pagan or Jewish? | Mark P. Shea | As we near Advent and Christmas, the tired claim that Christianity is warmed-over paganism will be trotted out yet again.

A Community of Continuity: Five Days at St. Albert's Dominican Priory | Dr. Anthony E. Clark | "We Dominicans want to be the white blood cells that go into the world and the Church to heal and to bring Christ."

Light for the Nations: Themes of "Lumen gentium", Fifty Years Later | Douglas Bushman | A retrospective on Vatican II's "Dogmatic Constitution on the Church" ought to place the primacy on the Church as end, and particularly on holiness.

The Legacy of the Vision of Pope John Paul II for Marriage and Family | Dr. William Newton | At the heart of Familiaris Consortio is a presentation of the four tasks given to the Christian family in the modern world.

Ezekiel in Iowa | Br. Gabriel Torretta, O.P. | The tone of Marilynne Robinson's new novel, Lila, is a haunting mixture of elegy and praise, as the old life dies and a new one comes to birth.

Russia and Ukraine: A Violent Past, A Cloudy Future | Dorothy Cummings McLean | An interview with Rev. Dr. Athanasius D. McVay, historian of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church.

The Catholic Difference | Fr. James V. Schall, SJ | We just happen to be Catholics, right? Does it make any difference what we are? Does being Catholic really, ultimately, mean much of anything?

Helen Hull Hitchcock: A Light in the Darkness | Sherry Tyree | I met the founder of Women for Faith & Family thirty years ago, and my life was changed forever.

The Recovery of Human Nature | James Kalb | A basic reason people today don't accept nature as a guide is that they see it as essentially mindless.

Is Pope Francis an Evangelical, Charismatic Catholic? | Fr. Dwight Longenecker | Experts in Evangelical Christianity and the Charismatic Movement discuss the roots and focus of the Holy Father's ecumenical dialogue and interaction.

Jesuit Philosopher Works to Demonstrate Compatibility of Faith and Science | Jim Graves | An interview with Fr. Robert Spitzer, SJ, president of the Magis Center, about faith, reason, atheism, and Stephen Hawking's "hogwash".

"Big Hero 6" and Healing the Hurt "You Can't Touch" | Nick Olszyk | The new box office hit from Walt Disney Animation Studios is an exceptionally crafted, animated take on "The Avengers" with an extra helping heart.

Cardinal Newman, the Synod, and the "Kasper Proposal" | Rev. Juan R. Vélez | If Blessed Newman had intervened at the Synod, how would he have applied his seven tests for gauging authentic development of doctrine?

The Political Vision of J.R.R. Tolkien | CWR Staff | The author of The Hobbit, says Dr. Jay W. Richards, "didn't like concentrated political power, even when it could seem to be justified for noble purposes."

Are We Losing the Apologetics War with Islam? | William Kilpatrick | Unbeknownst to many Christians, anti-Christian apologetics and propaganda are prominent fixtures of Islamist recruiting sites and social media.

In This Place: In Praise of the Music of Frank La Rocca | R.J. Stove | The sacred music of the American composer is remarkable and unaffected, breathing the atmosphere of mystical devotion.

The Suffering of Christians in Syria | Michael Coren | The persecution of Christians by radical Islamic groups in Syria over the past two years has been appalling--and largely ignored.

What Is Culture War? | James Kalb | The need for a sacred focus makes culture war inevitable when there are enough people who disagree strongly on the exact nature of that focus.

All Souls and Our Mortal End | Carl E. Olson | "I've always had a hard time explaining purgatory," the man said. "Didn't the Second Vatican Council say that Catholics no longer have to believe in purgatory?"

Evil, Jihadists, and the Just War Theory | Russell Shaw | Statements out of Rome reflect the tension between two schools of thought regarding war.

John Henry Newman at the Synod on the Family | Fr. Robert Barron | The arguments around the synod compel us to look at Newman's work regarding the evolution of doctrine.

40 Years Fighting Abortion, Building a Pro-Life Culture | Christopher White | An interview with Maria McFadden Maffucci, president of the Human Life Foundation and editor of Human Life Review.

John Paul II's Vision of Family and Marriage for the New Evangelization | Rolando Moreno | The late pontiff taught that the family is an active, vital agent in establishing a civilization of love and the renewal of Christian culture.

A Tale of Two Synods | Fr. D. Vincent Twomey, SVD | In a sense, there were two synods taking place earlier this month, one inside the Synod Hall and the other in the media.

Abp. Kurtz: Synod was "Characterized by Discernment and Unanimity" | Jim Graves | The president of the USCCB discusses the synod, the "relatio," and the work that lies ahead.

Gone Girl and Two Film Masters in Contrast | Andrew Svenning | Is David Fincher a modern-day Hitchcock? Gone Girl demonstrates the comparison's strengths and weaknesses.

A Model of Humility: The Beatification of Álvaro del Portillo | Alvino-Mario Fantini & Ellen K. Fantini | A report from the beatification ceremony held in Madrid on Saturday, September 27th.

The Synod and the Media: Culpable Naďveté or Shrewd Calculation? | Russell Shaw | The disastrous mid-term relatio seeded confusion, conflict, and lingering bitterness at every level of the Church. But the synod itself was only Act One.

An Extraordinary Synod--In More Ways Than One | Fr. D. Vincent Twomey, SVD | There is nothing very courageous about offering "pastoral" recommendations that fail to challenge a world that still bears the scars of the sexual revolution of the 1960s.

"I Hate Divorce" | Fr. Joseph Fessio, SJ | The prayers and readings of the Divine Office offer some clear messages appropriate to issues being discussed at the Synod.

Cardinal Burke: The "Relatio Synodi" is "a significant improvement over the text of the 'Relatio post Disceptationem'" | Carl E. Olson | The last of three exclusive Catholic World Report interviews with Cardinal Burke.

Questioning Cardinal Kasper: Five Points | Mark Brumley | The German prelate claims, "Those are not respectable journalistic methods." Does he have grounds for such a statement?

Development of Doctrine or Change in Teaching? | Eduardo Echeverria | Can Church doctrine change over time? Could so-called "same-sex unions" one day be seen as a legitimate development of the Church's teaching on marriage?

The Tyranny of "Mercy" | Michael Matheson Miller | How Cardinal Walter Kasper's pastoralism would harm women and children.

After the Synod: Questions remain, looking ahead to next year | Mary Jo Anderson | As I prepare to depart from Rome after the Extraordinary Synod on the Family there are dozens of emails yet unanswered from friends and family. "What did it all mean?"

Complete Coverage of the The Extraordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops, October 5-19 | CWR | Over 40 articles, essays, interviews, and reports.

John Paul II's Vision of Family and Marriage for the New Evangelization | Rolando Moreno | The late pontiff taught that the family is an active, vital agent in establishing a civilization of love and the renewal of Christian culture.

John Paul II and the Death of the Faith | K. V. Turley | The "wisdom" of the second half of the 20th century answered by the wisdom of a sainted pope, an American friar, and a British genius.

Finding Peace in the Midst of Chaos | Carrie Gress | We can look to the saints for examples of grace and peace in troubled times.

When the Communists Murdered a Priest | Paul Kengor | The killing of Fr. Jerzy Popieluszko on October 19, 1984, marked the mid-point between two cataclysmic events that put nails in the coffin of communism.

John Paul II, Women, and the Catholic Contemplative Tradition | Christopher S. Morrissey | An interview with the editor of the comprehensive collection, John Paul II Speaks on Women.

Taxes, Tricks, and the Roman Coin | Carl E. Olson | Few questions asked of Jesus were as cunning and devious as this one: "Is it lawful to pay the census tax to Caesar or not?"

Cardinal Burke: Christ's truth is at the heart of marriage | Vatican Radio | "It is only in the family that the true sense of who we are as man and woman is taught effectively both by the example of the father and mother."

President of Ignatius Press: "It's time for the full Gospel of the Family" | "The New Evangelists of the JP2 Generation," says Mark Brumley, "will tell you that with all due respect to Cardinal Walter Kasper, he isn't the only one who can speak about the situation 'on the ground.'"

The Midterm Report: The Divorce Over Divorce | Mary Jo Anderson | The just published "Relatio" includes some troubling language that will likely be misused or bludgeoned by many in the media.

Moderate Muslims and Cafeteria Catholics | William Kilpatrick | The notion that Islam is a religion of peace is becoming less credible by the day.

My Question for the Synod: Where's the Sacrifice? | Alan L. Anderson | Sacrifice. It is the central word, in a real sense the Logos, of the Catholic Faith. Sacrifice is also a central word for the family.

The Wedding Feast, the Lamb, and the Kingdom | Carl E. Olson | It is impossible to overstate the importance of marriage as both an institution and a metaphor in the Bible.

Old Liberals, Young Liberals, and the Breakdown of the Family | Dr. James Hitchcock | Why and how the rejection of "Humanae Vitae" made all the difference among Catholics.

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