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 "He is a man who recruited, wooed and solicited pedophiles, not pedophiles in prison but pedophiles out of prison to find children and to sexually torture them." Judith Reisman, Ph.D. and author of Kinsey: Crimes and Consequences.

"It's all true. He hired people to abuse children on the record. And record their findings. It was unbelievable." Charles Rice, law professor, University of Notre Dame and author of Fifty Questions on Natural Law.

Alfred Kinsey was one seriously disgusting, disturbed guy.

The father of the modern sexual revolution and the author of the acclaimed 1948 study of male sexuality and a 1953 study on female sexuality was a sado-masochistic bisexual. But perhaps the worst thing about him was his celebration of the sexual abuse of children, including infants as young as two months old.

On a larger scale, he wreaked havoc on post-World War II America. He promoted a way of life based on false data that was aimed at–and succeeded–in undermining the Judeo-Christian moral foundation of the American legal system.

"He is the godfather of the whole movement to liberalize laws in this area. The changes of the laws that came out were the results of Kinsey's investigations," says Charles Rice, law professor of the University of Notre Dame, and author of Fifty Questions on Natural Law.

Yet a new movie is being made starring the charismatic Liam Neeson, and a Kinsey bio-flick is currently airing on the Arts and Entertainment Networks. Another one is in the works for PBS's The American Experience (scheduled for February 2005 broadcast).

"I didn't have any hesitation," when offered the role, Neeson told the New York Times. "He saw a gap in our human knowledge that he wanted to fill," the actor opined. "He was driven to investigate it. I admire that extraordinary work ethic." This despite Kinsey writing that he "rejoiced" at receiving data on the abuse of a two-month old infant from a sex abuser.

Kinsey was a sado-masochist says Ignatius Press author Benjamin Wiker,co-author of Architects of the Culture of Death, a series of profiles. Judith Reisman, Ph.D., author of Kinsey: Crimes and Consequences, agrees. Not only that, she says, but his data was bad.

"People need to know his research was not research. It never was. That he used deviant aberrant men and called them normal. He threw out 75 percent of his population and lied about it. Forced people to give answers to questions the way he wanted the answers and then changed the answers," Reisman told IgnatiusInsight.com. "This is strictly propaganda."

The Harvard-educated Kinsey was the expert on the gall wasp, and he parlayed that recognition into pseudo-science with rigged databases and outright lies to support works aimed at destroying the entire Judeo-Christian system of sexual and family values, contends Wiker.

However, the Kinsey Institute today does not acknowledge any major flaws in its founder's studies. It says Kinsey's data collection has been challenged in general but it has held up, particularly regarding the percentage of homosexuals in the population. It republished the Kinsey reports unchanged on their 50th anniversary in 1998. The Institute specifically says Kinsey did not engage in child sexual abuse and that statistics on children's sexuality were drawn from interviews with nine people and with observations of parents.

A benefit showing of the Bill Condon-directed movie Kinsey is scheduled for Nov. 13 at the Institute, with Condon and Neeson's co-star Laura Linney to appear.

The Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction continues under the aegis of the University of Indiana. The Kinsey Institute web site claims Kinsey's interest in human sexuality grew out of a course on marriage he was teaching and that he and his staff interviewed over 18,000 people about their sexual lives. Sexual Behavior in the Human Male was published in 1948 and Sexual Behavior in the Human Female in 1953. Kinsey died in 1956 at age 62.

"The sole purpose of Kinsey's various studies was to legitimate any and every kind of sexual activity, from adultery and homosexuality, to pedophilia and bestiality," Architects of Death co-author Wiker told IgnatiusInsight.com.

Kinsey engaged in a series of brutal and perverse sexual practices from the time he was a youth, Reisman said. Noted Kinsey biographer James H. Jones, Alfred C. Kinsey: A Public/Private Life, wrote Kinsey was raised in a repressive Christian household and had a very poor relationship with his father. Jones says Kinsey engaged in genital self-mutilation and that his research data was skewed. Jones, however, is sympathetic to Kinsey and maintains that many of Kinsey's conclusions were valid.

Kinsey wrote to the abuser of 800 children, "I rejoice at everything you send, for I am then assured that that much more of your material is saved for scientific publication." A British documentary found that Kinsey was actually getting information from a Nazi child abuser in Poland during World War II, says Ron Ray, a retired Marine Corps Colonel, of RSVP America, an organization battling the effects of Kinsey's work on the legal system.

Kinsey's research into the sexual practices of humans included at least 1,400 pedophiles, Reisman said.

"He redefined them as normal American men and he said we need to change all of our laws because this is what all men do. Joe College does it, Daddy does it, so therefore all of our laws need to be gutted," says Reisman. He created out of whole cloth the statistic that 10 to 30 percent of the male population is homosexual and this statistic continues to be used by gay rights advocates, even though later studies have found 1to 4 percent of the population is homosexual, Wiker notes.

"This is a man who wrote about children fainting and having convulsions and screaming and writhing in pain and he called that pleasure," said Reisman.

Even though his work was discredited to a large degree by many academics by the time the second study on female sexuality came out in 1953, an astounding 200,000 copies of the male study sold in two months, according to writer Sue Ellin Browder in a May Crisis Magazine article. Kinsey's "research" had already taken hold within the American psyche.

References to Kinsey's reports are found throughout the legal world, in sex education courses, and, of course, in studies of human sexuality. Reisner notes that Hugh Hefner, founder of Playboy magazine and promoter of the sexploitation of women, did his college thesis on Kinsey and was clearly influenced by him.

Kinsey's work was used to throw out common law and to replace it with The Model Penal Code, says Ray. Adoption of the Model Penal Code eliminated and/or trivialized prior sex offenses, eventually aiding the reduction of penalties for abortion, rape, wife and child battery, and a host of other crimes, RSVP America says on its website.

"This guy's been dead since 1956. It's the consequences we're living with," Ray, who assisted Reisman in the legal chapter of her book, told IgnatiusInsight.com.

A Kinseyan expert was cited in the Roe v. Wade ruling legalizing abortion. Most recently, Kinsey's writings were behind the 2003 U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Lawrence v. Texas that said laws against sodomy were unconstitutional, Reisman said. And so the influence of a sado-masochist who masqueraded as a detached and objective scientist continues to shape perceptions and attitudes about sex, nearly fifty years after his death.

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Valerie Schmalz is a writer for IgnatiusInsight.com.

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