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  How Cloning Works

The genetic material (DNA) of the recipient human egg is removed through a process called enucleation.

Step 2 – SOMATIC CELL TRANSFER: A human somatic cell of the donor (person to be cloned) is injected into the enucleated egg. In this way, the recipient human egg now has the complete DNA of the donor (person to be cloned).

Step 3 - CELL FUSION: An electrical pulse is applied across the two cells causing them to fuse.

THE RESULT: An asexually reproduced HUMAN EMBRYO that is an identical twin to the person seeking to be cloned.This is cloning as we know it today. This process was used to produce Dolly the sheep.

In Therapeutic Cloning, a cloned human embryo is used for spare partts and is killed. In Reproductive Cloning, the cloned embryo is allowed to be born.


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