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A Blogger and the Blessed Mother | Mark Shea, interviewed by Carl E. Olson | Ignatius Insight | June 24, 2009

Carl E. Olson, editor of Ignatius Insight, talks to Mark Shea, well-known blogger, author, and apologist, about Mary, Mother of the Son, Mark's three-volume exploration of the Marian dimension of Catholic thought, life, prayer, and practice.

Mark is the man and mind behind the popular "Catholic and Enjoying It!" blog. He is also the author of several books--including Making Senses Out of Scripture, By What Authority?: An Evangelical Discovers Catholic Tradition, and This Is My Body: An Evangelical Discovers the Real Presence--and a regular contributor to Catholic Exchange, InsideCatholic.com, and National Catholic Register.

In this 47-minute interview, Mark talks about his Marian trilogy, misconceptions about Marian beliefs, and Marian devotions, as well as the life of an established blogger and budding actor.

Signed copies of Mary, Mother of the Son can be ordered through Mark's website.

Listen to mp3 audio file (47 minutes):

RIGHT CLICK to download the mp3 audio file (21.5 megs)

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