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Progressive Catholic Authoritarianism: An Enduring Problem | George Weigel | As old-fashioned Catholic liberalism has morphed into today's "progressive" Catholicism, forms of authoritarian bullying, shaming, and exclusion have become commonplace.

Francis, Capitalism, and Catholic Social Teaching | Fr. Robert Barron | Pope Francis's remarks about the capitalist economy, though strong and even a bit exaggerated, are best understood in the framework of Catholic social teaching.

Would Alasdair MacIntyre Live in a "Benedict Option" Community? | Dr. Adam A. J. DeVille | For all the intriguing ideas that seem to huddle under the capacious canopy of the "Benedict option", there are three lingering doubts about it

Monument, Idols, and Tolerance | James V. Schall, S.J. | What we have now is rapidly changing because we do not really look at or understand the philosophies of the real iconoclasts of our time.

Health Care Rights of Conscience: An Endangered Species | Sister Renée Mirkes | Our new legal landscape will continue to impel religious health care professionals to defend the basic goods of marriage and family.

The Fiction of Robert Hugh Benson | Ann Applegarth | Pope Francis and his predecessor Pope Benedict XVI have encouraged Catholics to read Robert Hugh Benson's Lord of the World. But Benson was not a one-novel novelist.

Divinization, Liturgy, and Evangelization | Dr. Jared Ortiz | The proper context for thinking about divinization is the liturgy, for God has chosen the liturgy as the primary locus for communicating his divine life.

Catholics and the Administered Society | James Kalb | In order to maximize control, the social justice/social services state must minimize man. What can be done?

Summer Reading: Marriage and Sexuality Edition | Dr. Leroy Huizenga | Eight books on marriage, sex, and family for those who would spend serious time thinking deeply about what marriage is and what the future might hold.

Mother Miriam's Heart for the Family and Church | Jim Graves | The founder of Daughters of Mary, Mother of Israel's Hope discusses her conversion from Judaism, religious habits, family life, and current social upheaval.

Justice Thomas, Marriage, and the Question of Dignity | Mark Brumley | Advocates claim that dignity demands that the state recognize same-sex unions as marriage. Are they right?

First Chapters: Poor Banished Children | Fiorella de Maria | "Death has come for me again. The others are already lost. I heard their screams as I was cast into the night; I heard them cursing as they burned or drowned..."

How to Read the Bible and Still Be a Christian | Dr. Matthew J. Ramage | "If God exists, he is not the God of the Christian Bible." At least this is the conclusion drawn by many prominent authors and cultural commentators in our society today.

Lessons From the Christian East | Dr. Adam A. J. DeVille | The twentieth anniversary of St. Pope John Paul II apostolic letter "Orientale Lumen" is an occasion to reflect on what can be learned from Eastern Catholics.

Playing Along With the Lie | William Kilpatrick | The establishment understands that a joke directed at Bruce Jenner is also directed at them.

The Surprising Riches of the Ragpicker | K. V. Turley | Fr. Paul Glynn's The Smile of a Ragpicker: The Life of Satoko Kitahara is an excellent biography of a figure deserving to be better known in the West.

Karl Marx and the Revolutionary Roots of Redefining Marriage | Dr. Ann Hendershott | Dr. Paul Kengor's Takedown traces the roots of the "anti-family" movement through the history of socialists and communists.

Marriage? What's That? | Fr. Dwight Longenecker | Any semblance of what marriage once was disappeared long ago, and the Supreme Court's judgement has only rubber stamped what is already a reality.

Revisiting Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn's warnings to the West | Jerry Salyer | The Russian author thought it was no coincidence that Soviet Russia shared certain common problems with the West.

What makes "Who Designed the Designer?" a special book?
Discover the biblical roots of the Eucharist in a dynamic new series from the Augustine Institute
The Excess Of Divine Love
New: When Is Marriage Null? Guide to the Grounds of Matrimonial Nullity for Pastors, Counselors, and Lay Faithful
Traveling with Walker Percy
First Chapter: Looking for the King

"The Lord took me...": A deep and abiding Biblical theme
On Reconsidering the Southern Cause
Cardinal Arinze, Dr. Hahn, other scholars address New Evangelization at Christendom Conference
10 Things You Should Know About the American Founding
What Redefining Marriage Really Means
Faith, Patriotism, and an Extra Side of Cheese
Video: Pope Francis is not amused
Cuban hopes for the papal visit
Henry Higgins and the reality of complementarity
Nigerian bishops release statement decrying "propagation and globalization of the homosexual lifestyle"
And Much More!

America's Golden Calf Moment | Carl E. Olson | Led by the murky metaphysics of Judge Anthony Kennedy, the U.S. plunges ever deeper into the dictatorship of relativism.

The Incoherent, Dangerous Formulations of Justice Kennedy | Russell Shaw | Does Kennedy imagine he is being magnanimous in allowing free speech under the First Amendment to those who disagree with him?

After Obergefell: The Effects on Law, Culture, and Religion | Sherif Girgis | The revisionist view of marriage that the Supreme Court has taken for granted is actually a blueprint for more fragmentation, more broken hearts and homes.

On Court-Imposed "Liberty" | Fr. James V. Schall, SJ | The Obergefell decision postulates a sterile kind of love--an imitation love that partakes neither of marital love nor of true friendship based on virtue.

Farewell Reality | Robert R. Reilly | Justice Kennedy and the other Justices joining him in this decision have violated the principle of non-contradiction and have passed over into insanity.

We've Been Here Before: Marriage and the Room of Tears | Fr. Robert Barron | Cardinal George often warned against the incursions of an increasingly aggressive secular state, which will first force us off the public stage into privacy and then seek to criminalize those practices of ours that it deems unacceptable

The Church and the "New Normal" | George Weigel | The marriage battle was lost in the culture long before it was lost in the courts

What's the Best Way to Love Those with Same-Sex Attraction? | Carrie Gress, PhD | Janet E. Smith discusses an upcoming conference designed to assist those who minister to those with same-sex attraction.

Black Bench, D.C. | John S. Hamlon | The question before the Supreme Court is whether states will have any voice at all in how they see and handle marriage.

Cosmos, Crisis, and Thanksgiving: A Reflection on Laudato Si' | Thomas S. Hibbs | In his encyclical, Pope Francis offers an explicitly sacramental response to the danger of the modern person being lost in the cosmos.

Concerning the "Ecological" Path to Salvation | Fr. James V. Schall, SJ | The most problematic issue that Pope Francis' earth-warming advocacy brings up is its scientific status; at best, it is opinion backed by some evidence

"Laudato Si'" and Romano Guardini | Fr. Robert Barron | The influence of the theologian and cultural critic Guardini and his distinctive take on modernity is evident throughout Pope Francis' encyclical

Seeing Beyond Nature to Creation | Carl E. Olson | For Pope Francis, says theologian Dr. William Cavanaugh, we cannot really get to the heart of creation, ecology, or economics without theology.

This Father's Day: Vow to be a Committed Catholic Father | Matthew James Christoff | While there are numerous ways to categorize and analyze Catholic fatherhood, one way is to consider how Catholic men live out truth and mercy as fathers.

Cinematic Treasure in the Mind's Eye | Nick Olszyk | Pixar's "Inside Out" is fun, delightful and touching, perfect for an afternoon outing with the little ones.

Pope Francis and the Absurdly Vexed Calendar Question | Dr. Adam A. J. DeVille | The notion of going into schism over a calendar is wholly without logic, but we are not in the realm of logic here.

Why I Welcome "Laudato Si'" | Leroy Huizenga | Francis' encyclical may have problems here and there, but it's our job as Catholics first to listen, to read the encyclical, to pray through it, to interpret it faithfully.

An encyclical for people who don't read encyclicals | Christopher S. Morrissey | The pope's "Laudato Si'" offers us a chance to rediscover love, beauty, and meaning in life.

"Laudato Si'" focuses on the heart of man and the disorders of our age | William L. Patenaude | The central thesis is that the fallen nature of the human heart and the resulting brokenness of human relations is the cause of the crises in our lives, families, nations, and now the life-sustaining ecosystems that form our common home.

Watch: Ignatius Press editorial staff members discuss "Laudato Si" | CWR Staff | Ignatius Press president Mark Brumley is joined by Fr. Joseph Fessio, S.J., founder of Ignatius Press, editor Vivian Dudro, and John Herreid for a discussion of the new encyclical.

Pope Francis blasts abortion, population control in new encyclical | CNA | "At times we see an obsession with denying any pre-eminence to the human person; more zeal is shown in protecting other species than in defending the dignity which all human beings share in equal measure."

Environment encyclical takes bold stance on controversial issues | CNA | "Never have we so hurt and mistreated our common home as we have in the last two hundred years," Pope Francis says in his new encyclical.

Providence, Prosperity, and Purpose | Carl E. Olson | "If the providence of God does not preside over human affairs," wrote St. Augustine, "there is no point in busying oneself about religion."

The Real Costs of the Infertility Industry | Anne Hendershott & Joseph Cavello | Despite Church sanctions against such practices, it is likely that IVF and other forms of assisted reproduction technology will continue to grow.

Silent Action of the Heart | Cardinal Robert Sarah | A message from the Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments to participants of "Sacra Liturgia 2015".

"Benedicta": Chant to Make the Heart Glad | Christopher S. Morrissey | "Benedicta", the debut Gregorian chant CD from the Benedictine Monks of Norcia, takes the form of a concept album about the life of Mary. And it is a perfect soundtrack to prepare you for the practice of prayer.

Now, the Kasper theory of democracy? | George Weigel | The distinguished theologian-bishop has apparently seriously misunderstood the nature of democracy and the Church's teaching about just political communities.

Failing to Make the Moral Case for Marriage | Robert R. Reilly | The retreat to the position of defending religious freedom means that the issue of the immorality of sodomy and other homosexual acts has been abandoned--both in and out of court.

The Actor, the Author, and the Real 'Father Brown' | K. V. Turley | The priest who was the inspiration for Chesterton's great detective also played a central role in the conversion of Chesterton and many others.

What Prospects for Thought? | James Kalb | Complex thought requires a balance between the particular and the universal, the changing and the changeless, and it cannot survive too much diversity or uniformity.

The Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter: Traditional Liturgy, Booming Vocations | Jim Graves | With priests serving 200 locations in 120 dioceses worldwide--and another 150 men currently in formation--the FSSP's director of development reflects on the order's unique apostolate.

German Idealism and Cardinal Kasper's Theological Project | Prof. Thomas Heinrich Stark | In order to understand the positions taken by Cardinal Kasper at the Synod, it is necessary to familiarize oneself with the basic themes of his theology and the principles upon which it is based.

Back to Nature | Andrew Svenning | "Jurassic World" returns us to the roots of the original film, but it is not without flaws, including some cartoonish moments.

Love, Tolerance, and the Making of Distinctions | Fr. Robert Barron | To criticize someone for engaging in immoral activity is not to "hate" that person; in point of fact, it is an act of love.

Fraternal Correction By and For Bishops | Dr. Adam A. J. DeVille | Pope Francis' establishment of a new tribunal within the CD to discipline bishops over handling of sexual offenses is both surprising and welcome.

Journeying with Abraham, the Father of Faith | CWR Staff | Author and filmmaker Stephen Ray discusses his ambitious video series, traveling in Iraq, filming in the Holy Land, and delving into the incredible life of Abraham.

Gnosticism vs. The Incarnation: The Ancient Battle Renewed | John B. Buescher | The contemporary sexual revolution is thoroughly Gnostic, attacking the institution of marriage, thwarting the conception of children, and denying the differences between men and women

Message from Cardinal Sarah to participants of "Sacra Liturgia 2015" event in NYC | CWR Staff | "One cannot encounter God, my brothers and sisters, without trembling, without awe, without profound respect and holy fear."

The Bible and the Eucharist | Carl E. Olson | My recognition of the Eucharist was set in motion when I was a young boy, a Fundamentalist who knew nothing about the Eucharist or the Catholic Church.

Pretty Little Lies: On the Idolness of Bruce Jenner | Lauren Enk Mann | Both Jenner and the adoring media are falling prey to one of the oldest, gravest sins: idolatry, the worshiping of false gods which we ourselves have crafted

Turning Youth Ministry into Apprenticeship in the Christian Life | Bill Maguire | YDisciple, a new program from the Augustine Institute, takes a fresh approach toward teen ministry--one that is rooted in the parent-child relationship and in family life.

Flannery O'Connor and the Habit of Incarnational Art | Carl E. Olson | The writings of the Catholic author from Georgia were stamped with an understanding of reality that was deeply sacramental and incarnational.

John Henry Newman and Catholic Higher Education | Edward Short | An interview with Dr. Paul Shrimpton, author of The 'Making of Men': The Idea and Reality of Newman's University in Oxford and Dublin.

The Myth of Washington Gridlock | George Weigel | Today, the gridlock on the Potomac is cultural rather than structural.

A Layman Responds to Cardinal Kasper's Proposal, Part II | Dr. José Durand Mendioroz | An Argentine lawyer and professor of law responds in detail to the arguments and suggestions of Cardinal Walter Kasper.

Galileo was Right--But So Were His Critics | Kevin Schmiesing | An interview with Dr. Christopher M. Graney, author of Setting Aside All Authority: Giovanni Battista Riccioli and the Science against Copernicus in the Age of Galileo.

Jihad in Sheep's Clothing | William Kilpatrick | When everyone in the information business decides that the prudent thing is to pass the buck, everyone else ends up with only a passing knowledge of Islam.

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