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"Beloved": The Mystery and Meaning of Marriage, Explained | Bill Maguire | From the creators of Symbolon comes a visually beautiful and theologically profound series on the joys and challenges of marriage.

Conflict and confusion over capital punishment | Carl E. Olson | A joint editorial demanding that "capital punishment must end" ignores a wealth of Church teaching and fails to address some foundational issues.

Keeping Catholic schools Catholic | George Weigel | We should be grateful for the courageous leadership shown by Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone, whose San Francisco archdiocese is arguably ground zero of the culture war.

From Atheism to Catholicism, By Way of Truth and Beauty | CWR Staff | "All the different threads of my inquiries," says Dr. Holly Ordway, "when followed up, led me to the same place: the Catholic Church."

A "Down Under" Perspective on the International Theological Commission | John Paul Shimek | The Australian theologian and author Tracey Rowland discusses synods, cardinals, popes, theological issues--and being called a "strawberry" by Pope Francis.

Bishops in Brussels: A Rear-view Mirror Vision of the World | William Kilpatrick | Conference of European Justice and Peace Commissions's outdated warnings on the dangers of nationalism miss the larger threat of Islamic internationalism.

Foundless Francis Fantasies | Dr. Adam A. J. DeVille | Young leftist Elizabeth Stoker Bruenig is the latest breathless fan cheering madly at the 2015 running of the Ultramontane Sweeps.

"War in Heaven": A review of "The Drop Box" | Nick Olszyk | "I adopt others because God adopted me," says pastor Lee Jong-rak, whose work on behalf of abandoned babies in Seoul is depicted in this powerful film.

Catholicism and Secular Media: 10 Questions for Bill Donohue | Sean Salai, S.J. | "I am a civil rights leader who is expected to combat injustice," says the president of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, "so being sensitive to bigots is not a priority."

Ideas and Actions | Fr. James V. Schall, S.J. | The wars of the world are first fought in the minds and hearts of the wise before they ever reach visible reality; when they do arrive, the ones who suffer most are the weak.

Holy Mass in the Abortuary | K. V. Turley | How a battle between the forces of good and evil was waged in an ordinary London square, and the surprising declaration of victory at the struggle's end.

True Worship and the Cleansing of the Temple | Carl E. Olson | Just as God had created everything out of love, he also created a people of his own out of love and with a distinct purpose.

Cardinal Francis Arinze on Radical Discipleship and the Consecrated Life | CWR Staff | The Prefect Emeritus of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments discusses the origin, nature, and purpose of the consecrated life

Chesterton the Poet | Michael J. Lichens | Although often overlooked today, G. K. Chesterton's wide-ranging poetry has been praised by atheist Christopher Hitchens, novelist Graham Greene, and poet W. H. Auden.

It's a sin to kill a mockingbird | Thomas M. Doran | News that Harper Lee, at 88, is publishing a newly discovered manuscript raises a number of difficult and troubling questions.

No fighting God | George Weigel | It is Job who, in the end, refuses to cram the divine will and purpose onto the procrustean bed of human wisdom.

A Postscript on the Virtue of Chastity | Bill Maguire | Further remarks on Eve Tushnet's Gay and Catholic: Accepting My Sexuality, Finding Community, Living My Faith.

The Book Somebody Doesn't Want Cardinals to Read
New from Ignatius Press: The Wife of Pilate and Other Stories by Gertrud von le Fort
What Does Authority Have to Do with Religion?
Fiction for Lent
A Warning: A Review of Kingsman: The Secret Service
Great Lent, by Dr. Thomas Howard
Thirsting and Quenching, by Fr. Thomas Dubay, S.M.
Preaching, Music, and Acoustics
New: The Noonday Devil: Acedia, the Unnamed Evil of Our Times

An important addition to Catholic intellectual life
Hopeful signs in a post-Christian era
How to Read Christology and Still Keep Your Faith
Good Catastrophes, Part 3: Recovering a Clear View
Great Films for Kids: The Secret of Kells
New: Faustina: The Apostle of Divine Mercy (DVD)
Sacrificing Priests on the Altar of Insurance
Writings and life of Edith Stein shed light on what "Communion with Christ" really means
New: The Secret of Saint Thérèse (DVD)
New: Saint Rita of Cascia: The True Story (DVD)
New: Communion with Christ According to St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross
And Much More!

From Atheism to Catholicism, By Way of Truth and Beauty | CWR Staff | "All the different threads of my inquiries," says Dr. Holly Ordway, "when followed up, led me to the same place: the Catholic Church."

St. Gregory of Narek: Was the New Doctor of the Church a Catholic? | Dr. R. Jared Staudt | St. Gregory is the first Doctor of the Church to have lived outside direct communion with the Bishop of Rome.

Attacks on Abp. Cordileone Led by San Francisco PR Firm | CNA | "Everyone is praying that the Pope will remove the San Francisco Archbishop and these priests," says communications strategist Sam Singer.

Reports: Card. Baldisseri ordered interception of copies of book mailed to Synod participants | Carl E. Olson | The head of secretariat of the synod of bishops was reportedly "furious" about the book, Remaining in the Truth of Christ.

A Message in Blood: ISIS and the Meaning of the Cross | Fr. Robert Barron | When Christians boldly hold up an image of the humiliated, tortured Jesus to the world, they are saying: "We are not afraid."

"The Drop Box": Saving Unwanted Babies, Changing Hearts | Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle | "What I didn't know then," says filmmaker Brian Ivie, "was that God was planning to save me through the making of this film."

The Pope In the Air | Fr. James V. Schall, SJ | Some thoughts on remarks made by Francis in interviews while traveling to and from the Philippines in January.

Fathers, Sons, and Sacrifices: On the Second Sunday of Lent | Carl E. Olson | "God put Abraham to the test." Why? What, exactly, was God trying to show Abraham?

"Gay" Catholics and an Adequate Anthropology | Bill Maguire | Eve Tushnet's laudable goals in Gay and Catholic are undermined by a flawed understanding of theological anthropology.

World Christianity, By the Numbers | George Weigel | While Christianity continues to grow in Africa and other non-Western areas, globally it seems stuck in something of a rut.

"Conversion & Coexistence Pilgrimage": An Interview with Dr. Edmund Mazza | Jim Graves | A May pilgrimage to Turin and Rome will feature a viewing of the Shroud of Turin, anniversaries of key historical events, and a keynote address by Cardinal Raymond Burke.

Making Sense of Pope Francis | Carl E. Olson | Austen Ivereigh's The Great Reformer: Francis and the Making of a Radical Pope offers many insights into Francis, but does have a serious weakness.

Where to Go with Social Teaching? | James Kalb | The thing most needed for independence from an all-pervasive this-worldly system based on career, consumption, and electronic distraction is a concrete transcendent focus of loyalty.

Will the Other Sleeping Giant Awake? | William Kilpatrick | Despite widespread slaughter of Christians and other religious minorities in Muslim lands, the Church currently seems unable to mount any kind of resistance to Islamic ideology.

Obama's fight against the Ideology-With-No-Name | Robert R. Reilly | Egyptian President al-Sisi knows its name and has courageously denounced it.

Stephen Fry, Job, and the Cross of Jesus | Fr. Robert Barron | The objection to God's existence and goodness uttered recently by the British writer, actor, and comedian is nothing new to Christians.

Sports and Solidarity: A Review of McFarland, U.S.A. | Michael Jameson | Kevin Costner stars in a remarkably good film that mashes up the sports and fish-out-of-water genres and ends up feeling like a Christian allegory.

Conversations with the Catechists | Edward Short | Teaching the Faith at the Church of St. Rita in Astoria, New York.

Reading Sacred Scripture and the Catechism Together | Liam Ford | An interview with Rev. James Socias of the Midwest Theological Forum about The Didache Bible: Ignatius Bible Edition.

St. Augustine's Wisdom: Adam, Eve, Christ, and the Church | Dr. Randall B. Smith | As Lent begins, there is wisdom to be gained if we listen to Augustine's insights on the biblical story of the Fall.

Lent: Why the Christian Must Deny Himself | Brother Austin G. Murphy, OSB | We still ask ourselves as Ash Wednesday approaches, "What am I doing for Lent? What am I giving up for Lent?"

Franciscans, Boxers, and Heavenly Battles | Dr. Eric Cunningham | Dr. Anthony E. Clark's book, Heaven in Conflict: Franciscans and the Boxer Uprising in Shanxi, turns the conventional interpretation of the Boxer Rebellion on its head.

Benedict XVI, Cardinal Jean Danielou, and a Modern World in Crisis | CNA/EWTN | How the retired pontiff and his "scandalous" hero addressed false interpretations of Vatican II and "a false conception of freedom".

What to do if the Supreme Court approves "same-sex marriage"? | Russell Shaw | As secular America heads down the same-sex path, the Church now must go another, better way.

Ukraine: Disinformation and Confusion | George Weigel | Contrary to some reports, the situation in Ukraine is well known, as are the motivations and actions of Vladimir Putin.

On the "Reform" of Islam | Fr. James V. Schall, S.J. | If violence, terror, beheadings, forced conversions, subjection of women, and intolerance of others are removed or "transformed" in Islam, is it still Islam?

Casablanca: Love, Truth, and That Cosmic "Hill of Beans" | K. V. Turley | The 1943 classic offers a deep portrayal of love and the struggle to do what is right in the face of passion and temptation.

NLRB Makes Inroads at Catholic Colleges | Anne Hendershott | The federal government is stepping into the void of decades of inattentiveness to religious identity at several Catholic colleges.

Christianity: "Pie in the sky" religion, or "island of mercy and security"? | Carl E. Olson | God became man so he could, in his divine humility, touch us and save us from both physical evils and spiritual destruction.

"Fifty Shades..." and the Sexual Objectification of Women | CWR Staff | An interview with Catholic talk show host and author, Teresa Tomeo, about the disturbing "Fifty Shades of Grey" phenomenon.

"It Was a Real Killing Field": Remembering Iwo Jima | Dr. Paul Kengor | February 19th marks the start of the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Iwo Jima, which lasted through the end of March 1945.

"Their blood confesses Christ" | Catherine Harmon | Pope Francis on the beheading of 21 Egyptian Christians by Islamic State militants.

Circling the New Geocentrists: An Interview with Karl Keating | Carl E. Olson | A new book by the founder of Catholic Answers addresses the scientific mistakes, theological errors, and conspiracy-minded promoters of geocentrism.

Remarriage, Repentance, and Reaching Young Adults | Bill Maguire | Changing the Church's teaching about Communion and remarried Catholics would create a major obstacle to the catechesis and evangelization of young people.

The Dangers of Abstraction and the Limits of Dialogue | Dr. Adam A. J. DeVille | When we are directly confronted with the messy complexity of another human being, abstractions and caricatures are no longer so neat and tidy.

A Tale of Two Bishops | Carl E. Olson | One is described as "America's Pope Francis". One is criticized for failing to "truly walk the talk" set forth by Francis. Who is he?

Why Obama Was Wrong About The Crusades | Thomas L. McDonald | President Barack Obama's remark at the National Prayer Breakfast was a chastisement, and a tone-deaf one at that.

Are Americans ready for serious and sober political discourse? | Russell Shaw | Adult conversations about significant matters have been largely traded in for image-mongering, sound bites, and slogans.

Christ's healings "announced a more radical healing" | Carl E. Olson | Fast-paced. Abrupt transitions. Constant action. Confrontations. Good vs. Evil. Death. Demons. Sickness. A decisive hero of few words. Supernatural acts.

The POTUS and The Inquisition | Michael Coren | Comparing present-day terrorism to the inquisitions of the medieval era is convenient--and also clichéd and anti-intellectual.

Reviving "Old Fashioned" Romance | Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle | The writer/director of a faith-based romantic drama discusses portraying true love to a culture in which romance is "on life support."

Grey is the Devil's Favorite Color | Teresa Tomeo | Even many Catholics dismiss Fifty Shades of Grey as harmless entertainment. They couldn't be more wrong.

What Women Want: Rome Ponders | Mary Jo Anderson | Controversy and confusion surrounds the Pontifical Council for Culture's Plenary Assembly, "Women's Cultures: Equality and Difference," as it convenes in Rome.

The Hundredth Anniversary of Thomas Merton's Birth | Fr. Robert Barron | Merton, although flawed, was one of the greatest spiritual writers of the 20th century and a man who had a decisive influence on me and my vocation to the priesthood.

Those Blasted Bishops | Dr. Carrie Gress | While disgruntled criticisms of Catholic bishops are nothing new, there seems to be an increase of late.

What a Pallium--and Why Should We Care? | Dr. Adam A. J. DeVille | It seems clear that Pope Francis' recent decision is one in a series designed to decrease focus on the Roman curia and bishop.

Kevin Costner's Big Gamble | Patrick Coffin | The iconic actor-director's new custody drama, "Black or White," offers a fresh, poignant, and sometimes funny treatment of an old social wound.

The San Francisco Mission | Fr. Joseph Illo | Rich in money, San Francisco is poor in faith and cannot afford to run its own parishes. But the faith is growing in this lovely city of St. Francis.

Reality Matters | James Kalb | The law that the Church becomes weak by pursuing worldly influence and strong by giving herself to truth offers hope for the future

Death with Dignity: Questions, Concerns, Dangers | Michael J. Miller | German philosopher Robert Spaemann talks about the dangers that result from the legalization of assisted suicide.

Bergoglio's List: An Unexpected Discovery | K. V. Turley | The story of the Pope's actions during Argentina's Dirty War is as riveting as it is inspiring.

Fr. Joseph Illo Explains Altar Boys-Only Policy at San Francisco Parish | Jim Graves | The pastor of Star of the Sea Church notes that "altar service is intrinsically tied to the priesthood"; says media furor over decision is "biased".

Engaging the Academy From the Heart of the Church | Carl E. Olson | How two Catholic professors at a Reformed Protestant college are working to provide spiritual formation with a serious intellectual dimension for their students.

The State of Catholic Schools in England | Joanna Bogle | Most teenagers in Catholic secondary schools are non-practising, and many of their teachers are not genuinely devout and knowledgeable.

Walk for Life West Coast: "Bigger, younger, and more energetic every year" | Gibbons J. Cooney | The annual pro-life event, which drew an estimated 50,000 Marchers this past Saturday, is one of the five largest public events in San Francisco.

Walking for Beauty | John Herreid | Growing larger every year, the Walk for Life West Coast is anchored in a sense of fruitfulness, responsibility, and joy.

Brew Evangelization: The Ongoing Renaissance of Monastic Beer | Dr. R. Jared Staudt | As craft beer continues to rise in popularity in the United States, those responsible for creating western brewing practices are reclaiming their own.

Jonah and the Call to Constant Conversion | Carl E. Olson | "Let us show ourselves people of Nineveh, not of Sodom", wrote St. Gregory of Nazianzus, commenting on the story of the prophet Jonah.

The pro-life movement is youthful and strong, abortion rates are falling | Catherine Harmon | But House Republicans don't seem to get it.

"His primary identity was as a priest" | Jim Graves | Historian and author Dr. Robert Senkewicz on the life, work, and holiness of Bl. Junípero Serra, who will be canonized this year by Pope Francis.

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