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France's Catholic Revolution | Dr. Samuel Gregg | While Mass-attendance rates have steeply declined over the last 30 years, today France is witnessing the rise of an increasingly self-confident--and dynamically orthodox--Catholicism.

Cardinal Sarah: "God is disappearing from one is interested in God" | CNA | The African cardinal's new book addresses gender ideology, the definition of marriage, the mission of the Church, the joy of the Gospel and loss of faith

Christ the King deserves our praise, obedience, and adoration | Carl E. Olson | If Jesus really is God, he deserves our praise; if he is King of all, he deserves our obedience; if he is the Alpha and Omega, he deserves our adoration.

ISIS at the Doors: Erasing the Memory of a Christian Europe | Diogo Miguel Machado | By indulging our fetish for spiritual and cultural forgetfulness, we have permitted the coming-to-be of a hell on earth under the reign of ISIS.

Pope Francis: Paris terrorist attacks are part of "piecemeal WWIII" | CNA | At least 128 people are confirmed dead and more than 180 wounded in terrorist attacks which targeted bars, restaurants, a concert hall, and a football stadium in the heart of Paris.

Making the Case for Catholic Education | Christopher S. Morrissey | Modern approaches to education find their inspiration in Rousseau, while classical approaches find their support in Aristotle. Ryan Topping advocates the latter approach.

The Son of Man and the Little Apocalypse | Carl E. Olson | Jesus used prophetic language to describe his approaching Passion and death, through which he, the promised Messiah, would deliver his people from tribulation and inaugurate the restoration of Israel.

Shining a "Spotlight" on Yesterday's Journalism | Anne Hendershott | A new film about reporters investigating Boston's priestly sex abuse scandals gets several key points wrong--and overlooks several entirely.

Pope Francis and the Changing Times | Fr. James V. Schall, SJ | The central question is this: just what "dogmatic" issues are being upheld and what ones are customs that can be changed?

Apocalyptic Fiction | Ignatius Press Novels | An interview with Michael D. O'Brien about his new novel, Elijah in Jerusalem.

Vatican II and Religious Freedom: Rupture or Authentic Development? | Carl E. Olson | The authors of a new book on "Dignitatis Humanae" argue that the Declaration grounds the right to religious freedom in the obligation to seek the truth, especially the truth about God.

Two Years Among the Liberal Theologians | Dorothy Cummings McLean | The brain-blowing combination of asserting that what is not Catholic teaching is somehow Catholic teaching and then shrieking like a frightened schoolgirl when the word "heresy" is uttered is what the American Catholic/Jesuit theological academy is all about.

Catholicism, Evolution, and Divine Revelation: A Second Look | Fr. James V. Schall, SJ | Fr. Michael Chaberek's carefully researched and argued book Catholicism and Evolution examines how the magisterium of the Catholic Church has dealt with Darwin and the subsequent theories of evolution.

Bouyer's journey from Lutheran pastor to Ressourcement theologian | Dr. Christopher Shannon | A new English translation of the Memoirs of Fr. Louis Bouyer offers keen insights into the Church, the Second Vatican Council, and the intellectual landscape of the past century.

More Thoughts About Immigration--and Some Suggestions | James Kalb | As in sexual matters, we've undergone a revolution in respectable opinion that professes to benefit the marginalized while in fact entrenching the rich, powerful, and credentialed.

A Story for the Restless: "We'll Never Tell Them" | John Herreid | There are two very powerful myths most of us at some level buy into, given that they are myths that permeate the modern world.

Saint Peter Damian, "Gomorrah", and Today's Moral Crisis | CWR Staff | An interview with Matthew Cullinan Hoffman about his new translation of a treatise against sodomy, pederasty, and clerical corruption penned nearly a thousand years ago by a great reformer and Doctor of the Church.

Calling Men to a Catholic Vision of Male Spirituality | CWR Staff | "Catholic men are destroying themselves by their own free-willed choices," says Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers, whose book "Behold the Man," focuses on Christ crucified, covenantal love, and fatherhood.

"Thanks to Your Noble Shadow": The Life of the Last Irish Nun in Japan | Dom Alcuin Reid | An interview with journalist James Creedon about his documentary film on the life of Sister Paschal O'Sullivan, who was a missionary in Japan for 75 years.

Robert Cardinal Sarah, a new Augustine for Africa | Dorothy Cummings McLean | God or Nothing: A Conversation on Faith, Nicholas Diat's interview with Cardinal Sarah, is filled with adventure, classical scholarship, orthodoxy and fidelity to doctrine.

"Christ was truly present": Some personal reflections on the World Meeting of Families | Suzanne Schoen H armon | More than 20,000 pilgrims from more than 100 countries attended the six-day event, held in Philadelphia's enormous and handsome Convention Center. Delegates came in every shape, size, and race and spoke a wide range of languages.

Now available: A new edition of Wisdom and Innocence: A Life of G.K. Chesterton by Joseph Pearce
New: Subverted: How I Helped the Sexual Revolution Hijack the Women's Movement
New: Signs of the Holy One: Liturgy, Ritual, and Expression of the Sacred
"The Ignatius Press books have been indispensable ..."
New: Love Unveiled: The Catholic Faith Explained by Dr. Edward Sri
New: The Kiss of Jesus: How Mother Teresa and the Saints Helped Me to Discover the Beauty of the Cross
The Divine Physician and the Doctor
New: Stories about John Paul II Told by His Close Friends and Collaborators

A game-plan for bringing your fallen-away child back to the Church
Shining a Literary Light
John Paul II's "beloved Krakˇw"
Religious brothers celebrate 35 years ministering to college students
RenÚ Girard, Church Father
The "Spectre" of Stereotypes
Compassion has nothing to do with it
RenÚ Girard and Desire Wars: The Grudge Awakens
New Belgium Archbishop: "Mercy" is "somewhat condescending...I like words like 'respect' and 'esteem'"
Paul Ryan: Faithful Catholic or Ayn Rand disciple?
And Much More!

Intrinsic Evils, Final Realities, and the Synod | Dr. Samuel Gregg | As St. Pope John Paul II's "Veritatis Splendor" reminds us, the idea that there are intrinsically evil acts has always been central to Catholic ethics. Without it, Catholic morality would cease to be Catholic.

The template the Synod seems to have forgotten | Mary Beth Bonacci | The discussion of doctrine by bishops seems to revolve primarily around "where is the line between doctrine and discipline?" and "how far can we cut into the doctrine without formally changing it?"

No Cross, no Kingdom. Know the Cross, know the Kingdom. | Carl E. Olson | "No pain, no gain." The well-known saying became popular among exercise enthusiasts in the 1980s. None of those sloganeers, I'm guessing, had the Passion and death of Jesus Christ in mind.

Synod Diary: "The Church's mission is to save souls." | Mary Jo Anderson | The parents of St. Therese of Lisieux were canonized this morning in Piazza San Pietro. And a Romanian doctor offers a stunning intervention.

Cardinal Marx openly promotes Communion for divorced-and-remarried | CNA | The German prelate tells fellow bishops at Synod that "we should seriously consider the possibility to admit civilly divorced and remarried believers to the sacrament of Penance and Holy Communion."

"Spiritual Friendship" and Ministering to the Same-Sex Attracted | Dr. Rachel Lu | The "Spiritual Friendship" bloggers are the most visible spokesmen for what it means to be orthodox Christians and gay, but elements of their approach are inconsistent, and can hamper those genuinely anxious to help.

Thoughts and Questions about Immigration | James Kalb | It's evident that immigration, like most issues of public policy, is a matter of prudence, and serious Catholics will disagree on the answers--so informed and intelligent discussion is needed

The Quebecoise Alternative to the St. Gallen Mafia | Tracey Rowland | Cardinal Marc Ouellet, author of Mystery and Sacrament of Love, does not think it possible to allow Communion to the divorced and remarried without doing violence to the sacramental ontology

Newman, The Oxford Movement, and the Hunger for Dogma | Edward Short | There are some fine essays in The Oxford Movement: Europe and the Wider World 1830-1930 but the collection ultimately fails to address the real heart of the movement that Newman left behind.

Annulment Reform and Pastoral Challenges for Struggling Couples | Leslie Fain | While recent reforms to the annulment process may be a blessing for some, other struggling couples may find them an additional source of anxiety.

"The Church has no authority...": On the Limits of the Pope | Dr. Adam A. J. DeVille | Papal authority cannot be used to promote favored papal causes, no matter how noble. It is to be used to keep the Church one and focused on the one true God.

Law and Lawfulness, Obedience and Justice | James Patrick | Although the post-modern, secular state may write codes, exact penalties, and levy punishments, these legal entities are ultimately responsible before a higher court.

Assisted suicide: The nightmare has become the reality | Russell Shaw | Although even advocates of the right to die generally concede the need for safeguards against abuses, the dynamic of the underlying ideology encourages step by step movement in a radical direction.

Love, Truth, and Pastoral Care | Mary Jo Anderson | Encouraging any disorder--whatever it may be--is not an act of love, but an act of surrender that leaves the person in bondage to the disorder.

Pius XII, co-conspirator in tyrannicide | George Weigel |A new book adds a mass of new evidence to what we know about what the Pope and the Church did to deal with Hitler and German National Socialism.

Pope Francis and True Mercy | Bishop Robert Barron | Why I balk at the suggestion that the new Pope represents a revolution or that he is dramatically turning away from the example of his immediate predecessors.

The Martian is an interstellar Robinson Crusoe, without the introspection | Lauren Enk Mann | Ridley Scott's latest sci-fi film is compelling and entertaining, but avoids deeper questions.

"Christ was truly present": Some personal reflections on the World Meeting of Families | Suzanne Schoen H armon | More than 20,000 pilgrims from more than 100 countries attended the six-day event, held in Philadelphia's enormous and handsome Convention Center. Delegates came in every shape, size, and race and spoke a wide range of languages.

Cardinal Kasper resorts to the "F" word in addressing critics | Mark Brumley | The German prelate needs to stop acting as if nuanced, critical theological reflection happens only on his side of the debate and that his opponents are unthinking Bible-thumping "fundamentalists".

The Mystery of Creation and the Sacrament of Marriage | Carl E. Olson | Divorce is rampant, adultery is common, and "same-sex marriage" now appears to be an inevitable social and cultural "reality". It is not surprising, then, to sometimes hear that marriage is doomed.

Thomas More: The Saint for the Synod | Dr. Samuel Gregg | Just as some contemporary Northern European bishops are presently seeking to fudge similarly settled Church teaching, considerable efforts were made by bishops in 1533 to persuade More to be more flexible with Henry VIII's demands.

With Papal Visit Concluded, It's Full Synod Ahead | Carl E. Olson | As the Synod of Bishops approaches, Catholics are faced with contradictory perceptions and pressing questions about Francis' longterm goals.

The Rigging of a Vatican Synod? | Edward Pentin | The release of the "explosive" interim report during last year's synod provoked allegations of a rigged process--but that was just the beginning. An exclusive excerpt from a new investigation into what went on at the headline-making meeting of bishops.

Expedited annulment process focuses on speed, role of local bishops | CNA | Pope Francis stresses new reforms "do not favor the nullifying of marriages but the promptness of the processes."

The Gnostic Christ fails, the True Christ heals | Carl E. Olson | How do you know the gnostic writings provide us with a less historically accurate depiction of Jesus than the Gospels?

Conscience Clash and Double Standards in Kentucky | Dr. Randall B. Smith | Mere sloth or personal corruption is something people live with all the time; it's the moral challenge that people can't tolerate.

First the Kentucky clerk; now the Oregon judge? | Carl E. Olson | Further proof the Reign of Gay is the very essence of unreasonable "thinking"; it will not allow for any appeal to conscience, or even attempts to somehow have a position of neutrality.

Kentucky and the confusion over "rights" and "beliefs" | Fr. James V. Schall, SJ | The word "belief" is not the appropriate word for marriage; marriage is a fact, not a "belief".

Catholic Workers, Labor Unions, and Benedict XVI's Caritas in Veritate | Fr. George E. Schultze, SJ | Some Labor Day observations about the recent contract negotiations between the San Francisco Archdiocese and its unionized Catholic high school teachers.

Finding the Good in Non-Marital Unions? | Stephan Kampowski | To what extent can those in non-marital unions--including those who live together before marriage--be considered to be "on the path" to sacramental marriage?

Public Order, Identity, and the Church | James Kalb | Like the rest of liberal modernity, the current understanding of identity won't last because it's ultimately irrational and self-defeating.

Popularity and the Pope | Russell Shaw | Francis will undoubtedly address a wide range of topics in his visit to the U.S.; hopefully, religious freedom and secular ideology will be among those topics.

Marriage in Our Contemporary World: Pastoral Observations from an African Perspective | John Cardinal Onaiyekan | An exclusive excerpt from Eleven Cardinals Speak on Marriage and the Family: Essays from a Pastoral Viewpoint.

The Lewis Society and the genuine enjoyment of rational disagreement | Holly Ordway | The collected essays in C.S. Lewis and His Circle demonstrate the importance of lively debate and robust discussion of serious questions.

A Synod Is Not a Council--and Other Canonical Facts | David Salvato | Vatican II instituted the Synod of Bishops in order to provide, more adequately and more effectively, for the increase of the Faith and the maintenance of discipline in the particular Churches.

The Radical Assault on Marriage and Family, from Karl Marx to Justice Kennedy | Carl E. Olson | An interview with Dr. Paul Kengor, author of Takedown: From Communists to Progressives, How the Left Has Sabotaged Family and Marriage.

"Ex Corde Ecclesia" and "Donum Veritatis": Twenty-Five Years After | Dr. Adam A. J. DeVille | Though many academics put up a firestorm of controversy over having a mandatum when Pope John Paul II wrote "Ex Corde Ecclesia" in 1990, their objections are utterly silly and juvenile.

Catholic Men Need Priests Who Will Lead | Matthew James Christoff | A recent survey shows many Catholic men are ready to engage more deeply in the Faith--when priests make a commitment to actively evangelize them.

Four Responses to the "What About Infertility?" Argument | Ryan T. Anderson | Proponents of same-sex marriage regard this argument as a "silver bullet" that destroys the traditional understanding of marriage--but they're mistaken.

Why the German Bishops are Wrong about Abstinence for "Remarried" Catholics | Stephan Kampowski | The second part of an essay examining the theological arguments put forward for the readmission of the divorced and civilly remarried to Communion.

The Consistent--and Not So Seamless--Ethic of Life | Dr. Samuel Gregg | Archbishop Blaise Cupich's appeal to Cardinal Bernardin's "seamless garment" approach to ethics is flawed on several counts, including a failure to acknowledge the primacy of the laity in pursuing good public policy.

Closed-Door Discussions are Published, and a Synod Storm Gathers | Mary Jo Anderson | Proceedings of an un-publicized series of workshops at the Vatican earlier this year reveal controversial conversations taking place ahead of this fall's Synod on the Family.

Catholic Author on Pro-Life Feminism: It's "the Ultimate Social Justice Campaign" | CWR Staff | Novelist and activist Fiorella Nash discusses feminism, the state of the pro-life movement in UK, and the empowering practice of NFP.

"To some extent, I think that we are all haunted by the past" | | Novelist Fiorella De Maria discusses the historical, personal, and spiritual themes in her diverse novels.

Living the truth in love: The director of Courage on homosexuality and the synod | Kerri Lenartowick | Fr. Paul Check discusses his hopes and concerns for the upcoming Synod on the Family.

Mother Nature Is One Unreliable Lady | Bishop-elect Robert Barron | The consistent Biblical message is that this Creator God is not like the arbitrary and capricious gods of the ancient world; rather, he is reliable, rock-like in his steadfast love.

Apostolate in the Civilization of the Image | David Warren | Could it be that inherent in our modern methods of communication, even in the structure of our language, there is a way of speaking, or a means of communication, that inhibits the Gospel message?

First Chapter: Everywhere in Chains | | Read the opening chapter of Everywhere in Chains, James Casper's highly thought-provoking, sometimes amusing and always life-affirming novel.

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