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Fatima at 100: The message of Our Lady for today | Jim Graves | An interview with Fr. Andrew Apostoli, C.F.R., author of Fatima for Today: The Urgent Marian Message of Hope.

Who are the Real Anti-Semites? | William Kilpatrick | It's odd how when a Muslim mob attacks a landmark cathedral in Europe and assaults women, that somehow means that it's time to issue warnings about the new nationalists.

The Pillars of Lent | Fr. David Vincent Meconi, SJ | During the purifying Season of Lent we are enabled to do something that lower creatures cannot, and higher creatures need not.

The motive and mission of the true prophet | Carl E. Olson | Old Testament prophets spoke about future events but prophetic utterances were often exhortations to holiness, worship, and love for God and neighbor.

Why Hard Cases Make Bad Law: A Satire | Dr. Randall B. Smith | Former World War II German soldier complains: "Why does everyone think it's okay to lie to me?"

"Partakers in the Suffering": Recent events in China's hopeful Church | Anthony E. Clark, Ph.D. | The situation in China is far more complex than a simple chronicle of antagonism, suspicion, and persecution; progress and hope also punctuate the narrative.

Make Your Hearts Firm This Lent | Maria Cintorino | During Lent, the Church calls the faithful to conversion by calling to mind the image of Christ being drawn into the desert by the Spirit.

Bishop Doerfler of Marquette lays foundation for reform of sacred music | Brendon Ford | New instruction, which applies to all parishes and schools, requires all to learn the English chants from a Mass setting found in the Roman Missal, as well as Latin chants from the Missa Jubilate Deo.

The Catholic Novelist As Peddler in Bleak Midwinter | James Casper | For today's writer of novels with Catholic content, refuge may be found in a distant past and a faraway time and place, but almost nowhere close to home.

A Bishop Speaks to the Men of His Flock | Jim Graves | Bishop Thomas Olmsted discusses his recently released exhortation to Catholic men and the particular challenges he sees facing men of faith today.

Adventures in Logic: Are believers more rational than non-believers? | Thomas M. Doran | The man on the street often insists that non-believers are more rational than believers, but is this a logical conclusion on the evidence?

The Story of Kullervo and the origins of Tolkien's legendarium | Bradley J. Birzer | A newly-published book by the young J.R.R. Tolkien gives insight into what he was--and wasn't--trying to create in his later masterpieces.

AP report: Houston grand jury didn't vote on charges against Planned Parenthood | Carl E. Olson | Houston, you have a problem. And it has the odor of corruption, cronyism, and political careerism.

If I were running the Eastern Orthodox Council | Dr. Adam A. J. DeVille | The Orthodox Council, if it takes place, must ask itself: Why should people care about this Council and about Orthodox Christianity itself? Why is it relevant?

China's Population Crisis: An Evangelical Opportunity? | George Weigel | Despite the Chinese communist regime's determination to control all aspects of social and cultural life, and the persecutions and martyrdom to which it leads, Chinese Christianity is growing rapidly.

Preaching to the Young Casualties of the Sexual Revolution | Neil Kane | One vexing issue in teaching theology in Catholic schools is that most students know very little about what the Church actually proclaims.

New: He Spoke to Us: Discerning God's Will in People and Events by Fr. George Rutler
New: The Contemplative Hunger by Fr Donald Haggerty
New: Jesus' School of Life: Incentives to Discipleship by Christoph Cardinal Schoenborn
Death vs. The Doctor
Fr. Ewe Michael Lang on how gesture, art, music, and architecture make present the sacred in the liturgy
Top posts! Top sellers! An Ignatius Press Novels Review of 2015

Lutheran bishop who met with Francis: "The ecumenical movement has never been an easy journey"
Russell Kirk: Catholic, Christian humanist, and old-school, American conservative
Mixed signals from Italy's bishops as vote approaches on civil partnership bill?
Tens of thousands rally at Walk for Life West Coast in San Francisco
Silence is not much evidence of anything, so why suggest otherwise?
Our Lady and the Snow
"We're making progress": Pro-life legal summit looks at victories and remaining challenges
Rep. Chris Smith's statement on the 2016 March for Life
Spokane's "Walk for Life Northwest" demonstrates purpose, compassion, warmth
Anglican drama: The Episcopal Church gets a time out over same-sex marriage
Oldest Iraq monastery destroyed by ISIS; "Our Christian history is being barbarically leveled"
And Much More!

The "True" Islam | Fr. James V. Schall, SJ | The writings of Rémi Brague, winner of the 2012 Ratzinger Prize, about Islam offer the sort of unflinching and detailed analysis often missing from papal utterances.

"Today this Scripture passage is fulfilled in your hearing." | Carl E. Olson | The ministry of Christ--the anointed one--was to proclaim glad tidings to the poor, grant liberty to captives, give sight to the blind, and free the oppressed.

The hijacking of the women's movement, and the resurgence of pro-life feminism | CWR Staff | Sue Ellen Browder was there when the women's movement bound itself to pro-abortion politics. Today she sees hope in a new generation of pro-life feminists.

How the Synod of 2015 Ignored the Real Problem, 50 Years in the Making | Fr. Regis Scanlon, O.F.M. Cap. | It's hard to believe now, but at the beginning of the year, Synod 2015 was predicted to be a possible game changer for the Church.

The First Grace of Mercy is the Grace of Conversion | Rev. Peter M.J. Stravinskas | We must be convinced that we are sinners in need of mercy, in order to claim divine mercy. Then, having received that mercy, we must be ready and willing to impart it to others.

"A Deeper Vision" reveals the abandonment of the Catholic intellectual tradition | Russell Shaw | Catholicism, Robert Royal writes in his new book, is "no longer a significant part of the cultural dialogue, as it was in the first half of the twentieth century."

Francis affirms indissolubility of marriage, objectivity of annulment conditions | CNA | The Pontiff's words yesterday to the Roman Rota are significant for affirming that a "minimum of faith" is not required for a valid marriage between the baptized.

When the U.S. Abandoned a Catholic President | Kevin Schmiesing | An Interview with Geoffrey Shaw, author of The Lost Mandate of Heaven: The American Betrayal of Ngo Dinh Diem, President of Vietnam.

The Almost-Secret Polka Life of Randy Koslosky | Mark Sullivan | Polka serves as a reminder of the ancient tradition of making music as something that a family could do together, says award-winning musician--and devout Catholic--Randy Koslosky.

Is Loyola Marymount University Losing its Catholic Identity? | Dr. Christopher Kaczor | A recent survey of faculty raises questions about the Catholic identity of the Jesuit university in Southern California.

"RISEN" Depicts the Resurrection as Historical and Theological Mystery | CWR Staff | The cast and crew talk about AFFIRM Film's new movie, starring Joseph Fiennes, which follows a Roman centurion's hunt for the risen Christ.

Pope Francis and Catholic Traditionalists | Sean Salai, S.J. | The Rorate Caeli contributor Kenneth Wolfe offers his thoughts on the current papacy and on growing interest in the pre-Vatican II liturgical tradition.

God, the Professors, and the Islamization of Europe | Dr. Peter A. Redpath | For over a century, Western higher education has inclined to inculcate political leaders with the mindset of anarchists, barbarians, fools. And so Western civilization is slowly being transformed into Eurabia.

Tens of thousands rally at Walk for Life West Coast in San Francisco | CWR Staff | Speakers at the event included David Daleiden, the citizen journalist whose undercover videos recorded Planned Parenthood officials trafficking in the parts of aborted babies.

Silence is not much evidence of anything, so why suggest otherwise? | Edward N. Peters | These remarks are a criticism of reporters who seem to offer the pope's silence on various matters as evidence for what they think he means on various matters.

Theory, Practice, and the Church | James Kalb | Doctrine articulates faith, and makes it usable as a path to truth, so the Church must take it very seriously even in the face of difficulties.

Increase in Ordinations the Result of Faithfulness and Orthodoxy | Anne Hendershott | In 2015 there was a 25% increase in ordinations to the priesthood as 595 men were ordained last year, up from 477 in 2014.

"The Best Books I Read in 2015" | CWR Staff | Over 30 Catholic World Report editors and contributors share their favorite reads from the past year.

The Magi and the Indescribable Glory of the Incarnation | Carl E. Olson | "You have revealed Yourself to the world today, and your light, O Lord, has shined upon u; You have come and revealed Yourself, O Inaccessible Light."

Catholics and November 8th | George Weigel | Two suggestions for Catholics in America to ponder before Election Day.

The Kiss of Jesus and the Beauty of the Cross | CWR Staff | An interview with Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle about her new book, motherhood, her friendship with Blessed Mother Teresa, and being a disciple of Jesus Christ.

The Urgency of this Present Moment: Learning from C.S. Lewis and Michael D. O'Brien | | An interview with Rev. John Morrison.

Mary, Mother of Us All in the New Year | Dr. Randall B. Smith | When Mary said her "yes," it changed everything--and that should give us hope in the coming year

A new Catholic literary revival? | K. V. Turley | A profile of Fiorella de Maria: Wife, mother, feminist, and novelist.

Saint of Light, Saint of Darkness | Bishop Robert Barron | Mother Teresa showed us that saints, those who embody the love that God is, are necessarily beggars.

The Gift of Ignorance and Sophistry | Dr. Paul Kengor | The "holiday season" season now serves to remind us of one thing for certain: the God-purgers are on an unyielding secular crusade that gets more self-righteous every year.

Five reasons to read "Dei Verbum" | Dr. Leroy Huizenga | And five things you'll learn in studying the Council's "Dogmatic Constitution on Divine Revelation", promulgated just over 50 year ago.

Porn is the new tobacco, says Catholic therapist | Jim Graves | Dr. Peter Kleponis, who reviewed the USCCB's recent document on pornography, offers hope and healing for those struggling with sexual addiction.

Europe, Evangelization, and Civilizational Suicide | Diogo Miguel Machado | An interview with Bishop Nuno Brás da Silva Martins of Lisbon.

Christmas, Apocalypse, and the World Today | Carl E. Olson | While various ideologies pursue power and control through coercion and violence, Christianity points to the humble and life-giving invasion of the Incarnate Word.

My Top Ten Movies of 2015 | Nick Olszyk | Favorite films of the past year include a documentary about a pastor in South Korea, an Adam Sandler-written monster comedy, and a movie focused on the power of prayer.

Large decrease in visitors to papal events in 2015; Jubilee numbers low so far | Alessandra Nucci | Why do attendance numbers continue to fall at public events with Pope Francis in Rome?

Christmas and a World Upside-down | George Weigel | The child " swaddling clothes and a manger" will not establish God's rule and kingdom by political cunning, or by a display of worldly wisdom, or by knocking emperors and procurators off their thrones or judgment-seats.

The Reality of Myth and the Force of Star Wars | Christopher S. Morrissey | The deepest lesson of myth cannot be that good and evil are morally and metaphysically equivalent but that peace and justice are realized in the bringing of good out of evil.

The Virgin Mary bore the King and the Kingdom, the Messiah and the Church | Carl E. Olson | To be blessed is to have found favor with God, to be filled with the grace--the supernatural life--of God.

A Deeper Vision: Catholicism and the Past Century | Robert Royal | Most people--even most Catholics--don't realize it, but the twentieth century, or at least the first two-thirds of it, were a kind of golden age for Catholic intellectual and cultural life.

About The "Year of Mercy" | Fr. David Vincent Meconi, SJ | Pope Francis has declared the period between the recent Feast of the Immaculate Conception (December 8, 2015) until the Feast of Christ the King (November 20, 2016), the "Year of Mercy."

Italy records sharp abortion decline | Vincenzina Santoro | Italy's minister of health reports that abortion rates have declined by more than 50 percent since the early 1980s.

Catholicism, Terrorism, and Responsibility | William Kilpatrick | Islamism is not a race, it's an ideology of conquest--and one of the oft-expressed goals of the ideologists is to subjugate Europe and bring it under the rule of the House of Islam.

Cardinal Müller: Year of Mercy an invitation to know, follow Jesus Christ | Andrea Gagliarducci/CNA | An interview with Cardinal Gerhard Müller, prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

What is Family? | Russell Shaw | While many say we are witnessing a new and emerging "definition of family", we are actually seeing stark evidence of chaos and collapse.

Pope Francis's Holistic Understanding of "the Environment" | Dr. Randall B. Smith | When the Holy Father uses the term "the environment," he means something very different from what your usual run-of-the-mill "environmentalist" means by the term.

Remembering two great bishops | George Weigel | One died 200 years ago and the other died earlier this year. Both displayed the sort of wise and strong leadership necessary to guide the faithful during turbulent and trying times.

The Spiritual Master Pope Francis Wants You to Read | Bishop Robert Barron | I first read Dante's masterpiece, The Divine Comedy, twenty-five years ago--and the experience changed my life.

Contraception and Original Sin | Dr. Terence J. Hughes | Why I think artificial contraception is Satan's greatest victory since original sin.

The empiricists and their rubes | Thomas M. Doran | Or why atheists don't have a corner on reason.

Cdl. Sarah: "Without God, there is nothing but wars, division, and bewilderment" | CWR Staff | "The real crisis that our world is going through now is not essentially economic or political, but a 'crisis of God,'" says prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments.

Immigration, Abortion, and Consistent Solidarity | Michael J. Nader | The exclusion of unborn human life from legal protection remains the central failure of solidarity in the United States.

A peritus remembers Vatican II | Dawn Eden | Fr. Don Dietz, OMI shares his memories about the dramatic events--and colorful characters--of Vatican II.

The Shop of Ghosts: A Christmas Story by G.K. Chesterton | | "Nearly all the best and most precious things in the universe you can get for a halfpenny...."

The Off-the-Cuff and Out-of-Focus Papacy | Carl E. Olson | Since chastising orthodox bishops at the conclusion of the Synod, Pope Francis has often resorted to scoldings, ambiguities, and mixed messages

Fr. Spitzer's Brilliant Examination of the Whole of Reality | Fr. James V. Schall, S.J. | We have, with the publication of Fr. Robert Spitzer's quartet of books on "Happiness, Suffering, and Transcendence", a major event in Catholic intellectual history, indeed in the history of philosophy.

France's Catholic Revolution | Dr. Samuel Gregg | While Mass-attendance rates have steeply declined over the last 30 years, today France is witnessing the rise of an increasingly self-confident--and dynamically orthodox--Catholicism.

Cardinal Sarah: "God is disappearing from one is interested in God" | CNA | The African cardinal's new book addresses gender ideology, the definition of marriage, the mission of the Church, the joy of the Gospel and loss of faith

ISIS at the Doors: Erasing the Memory of a Christian Europe | Diogo Miguel Machado | By indulging our fetish for spiritual and cultural forgetfulness, we have permitted the coming-to-be of a hell on earth under the reign of ISIS.

Pope Francis: Paris terrorist attacks are part of "piecemeal WWIII" | CNA | At least 128 people are confirmed dead and more than 180 wounded in terrorist attacks which targeted bars, restaurants, a concert hall, and a football stadium in the heart of Paris.

Making the Case for Catholic Education | Christopher S. Morrissey | Modern approaches to education find their inspiration in Rousseau, while classical approaches find their support in Aristotle. Ryan Topping advocates the latter approach.

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