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Five Myths About the "Rapture" and the "Left Behind" Industry | Carl E. Olson | On the (short) history, (bad) theology, and (continuing) appeal of premillennial dispensationalism.

Welcoming the Light of Dogma | Brian Jones | The authoritative teaching of the Church is liberating because truth is not something we create, but a divine gift we receive.

What is Love? | Fr. Dan Pattee, TOR | The question that has guided Church discussions for decades will likely guide discussions at the upcoming Extraordinary Synod on the Family.

True Mercy and the Indissolubility of Marriage | Cardinal George Pell | In his foreword to a new book, Cardinal George Pell argues that "one cannot maintain the indissolubility of marriage by allowing the 'remarried' to receive Holy Communion."

The Catholic Church and Global Climate Change | William L. Patenaude | What can the Church bring to the table in discussions of climate change?

Marriage, Communion, and the Teachings of the Church | CWR Staff | Two of the contributors to the book, Remaining in the Truth of Christ: Marriage and Communion in the Catholic Church, discuss the Scriptural, historical, and theological foundations for Catholic doctrine.

Spinning the Synod | Carl E. Olson | Here are five misleading claims and skewed statements about the upcoming Synod of Bishops.

Celebrating 30 Years of Project Rachel | Carrie Gress | An interview with Vicki Thorn, founder of the pro-life ministry helping women and men find healing after abortion.

The Magical, Timeless Popularity of J.R.R. Tolkien | Michael Coren | The support for all things Tolkien is fascinating not only because of its size but because of its surreal diversity.

Is Pope Francis upset about an Ignatius Press book? | Catholic News Agency | Fr. Joseph Fessio, SJ, responds to claims and complaints made by Cardinal Walter Kasper.

God's Goodness and the Laborers in the Vineyard | Carl E. Olson | If any man--whether Jew or Gentile--was judged by God on his own merits, he would fail to receive the wage of eternal life.

The Synod and the Real Crisis of Marriage | Russell Shaw | The debates over divorce, remarriage, and receiving Communion must not distract from other formidable challenges

See You at the Movies: On the Life and Death of Roger Ebert | Nick Olszyk | Steve James's Life Itself is a very compelling, but incomplete, documentary of the life, work, and death of movie critic Roger Ebert.

Reports: Cardinal Burke to be demoted, removed as prefect of the supreme tribunal | Carl E. Olson | Is the American Cardinal, Raymond Leo Burke, going to be removed from his post as prefect of the supreme tribunal of the apostolic signatura?

Faith, Love, and Music Come Together in The Song | Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle | A conversation with Alan Powell, star of the upcoming movie The Song, which is inspired by the Song of Solomon.

Memories Make the Future
How can a marriage be accidental?
New: The Accidental Marriage: A Novel
The Role of the Church in the Journey of Salvation
"The Symbolon video series proclaims the truth and beauty of the Catholic faith..."
New: Not God's Type: An Atheist Academic Lays Down Her Arms
"Heinrich Denzinger had a good idea"--and it's going strong 160 years later
"Go and Call Your Husband": What Enables a Marriage to Endure?
Think the music at your parish could use some improvement?
The Scriptural Roots of St. Augustine's Spirituality

CWR contributor Tracey Rowland among new appointees to International Theological Commission
SSPX Leaders Meet with CDF Officials
The Deeper Meaning of the Parable of the Talents
Report: Bishop Cupich of Spokane to succeed Cardinal George in Chicago UPDATED
Scotland's Decision Will Save or Break the United Kingdom
Cardinal Martino: the Synod will "reaffirm what the Church has always said about the family."
Eastern Christians meet with Obama, call for solidarity in the face of persecution
Sisters' killer arrested, confesses in Burundi
Archdiocese of New York releases statement on Abp. Sheen controversy
And Much More!

Islam, Violence, and the Nature of God | Dr. R. Jared Staudt | Where and why Catholics agree--and disagree--with Muslims

The Cross: An invitation to Faith, to Life, and to Love | Carl E. Olson | "By its elevation, the Cross is like an appeal to the whole creation to adore the blessed Passion of Christ our God who was suspended on it, for Christ destroyed by this Cross the one who had destroyed us."

Walking with Chesterton | K. V. Turley | Once a year, a group of admirers of G.K. Chesterton make a 30-mile pilgrimage from the site of his birth to his grave. This year's trek included several Chestertonian touches.

Seeking Practical Solutions to Reaching Young Souls | Christopher White | Naomi Schaefer Riley's book, Got Religion?, explores what thriving religious institutions are doing to attract young people.

Liberalism, Choice, and Compulsion | James Kalb | Contrary to what many people believe, no society can maximize free choice and all societies involve some sort of compulsion.

Faith, Love, and Music Come Together in The Song | Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle | A conversation with Alan Powell, star of the upcoming movie The Song, which is inspired by the Song of Solomon.

Utah polygamist returns to a world without a definition of marriage | Anne Hendershott and Fr. Dan Pattee | Once the heterosexual requirement for marriage is struck down throughout the country, we are left without a definition of marriage.

Keeping the Unpeaceful Peace | David Mills | The sign of peace is the act of meeting our neighbor that symbolizes and focuses the friendship we should have with him outside Mass.

Casualties of the Device Age | Thomas M. Doran | Technology is not bad in itself but technological advances correspond to a decline in the ability to reason, contemplation, and self-discipline.

"Calvary" and a Portrait of a Real Priest | Fr. Robert Barron | John Michael McDonagh's film shows what authentic spiritual shepherding looks like and how it feels for a priest to have a shepherd's heart.

Discovering the treasures of novelist Louis de Wohl | Rose Trabbic | Three reasons to read the lives of saints as presented in the novels of Louis de Wohl.

Pope Francis and Islam | Fr. David Vincent Meconi, SJ | How is a Christian to think of a religion that is seemingly intent on destroying Christians and the Gospel of Jesus?

The Roots of the Political Use and Abuse of the Bible | Leroy Huizenga | Scott Hahn and Benjamin Wikers' book, Politicizing the Bible, examines how the development of biblical scholarship has severed Scripture from the heart of the Church.

TIME for some media "nun-sense"! | Carl E. Olson | TIME magazine's ridiculous solution for the sister shortage: do the same stuff that led to 50,000 women leaving religious life between 1966 and 1976.

The Labor Movement, Teachers Unions, and Catholic Social Teaching | Fr. George E. Schultze, SJ | Labor Day is an opportunity to reflect on work, education, and the proper role of unions in the light of Catholic social teaching.

"The Giver" and the Fading Memory of Christianity | Fr. Robert Barron | Lois Lowry's story suggests, quite rightly, that suppression of the good news of the Incarnation is in fact what conduces to dysfunctional and dangerous totalitarianism.

The False Christs of Our Age | Carl E. Olson | The Gospel for Sunday, August 31st, reveals how the line between salvation and Satan is marked by the Cross.

"Why a silence?": On the West and Islam | Fr. James V. Schall, SJ | Why are so many leaders and commentators afraid to speak out and speak clearly about the evil nature of the Islamic State?

Who Am I to Judge? Redux | Anne Hendershott and Fr. Dan Pattee, TOR | Christ teaches us to avoid those judgments that marginalize others--banishing them to the sidelines without any hope of returning to God.

Chronicling the "Last Ebbing Twilight of Byzantium" | Dorothy Cummings McLean | William Dalrymple's 1997 travelogue From the Holy Mountain is an excellent place to start for Westerners seeking to understand the devastating decline of Christianity in the Middle East.

Outcry flares over California abortion push in Catholic colleges | CNA | "California Catholics are no longer safe to practice their faith within their own institutions."

Classical Education, Freedom, and the Ordered Soul | Fr. James V. Schall, SJ | Understanding is a spiritual thing, though rooted in really existing things, even ultimately in divine things

Metaphysics and the Case Against Secularism | Christopher S. Morrissey | Edward Feser's new book, Scholastic Metaphysics, makes a strong case for the contemporary relevance of St. Thomas Aquinas's philosophical reflections on Aristotle.

Prioress of Dominican Sisters in Iraq chronicles ISIS takeover, expresses fears and frustrations | Carl E. Olson | Sister Maria Hanna: "The disaster is overwhelming, and we are unable to comprehend it all."

What Should the October Synod Discuss? | Fr. Cormac Burke | Implicit in most media reports is the view that the Synod will pursue a liberalization of the Church's present discipline. Why, really, has the Synod been convoked?

Finding What Should Never Have Been Lost: Priests and the Extraordinary Form | Jim Graves | Four post-Vatican II priests discuss how they came to know and love celebrating Mass in the Extraordinary Form.

The Church's Essential and Ultimate Mission | Carl E. Olson | Is the greatest duty of the Church and its faithful to feed the poor and take care of the needy?

Tolkien and Beowulf | Jerry Salyer | Tolkien's newly published translation of the Old English epic beautifully demonstrates that there is more reality in folklore than in the perverse fantasies by which many live today.

Why I Love My Invisible Friend | Fr. Robert Barron | One of the most fundamental mistakes made by atheists is to suppose that God is a supreme being, an impressive item within or alongside the universe.

The Papacy and Sacred Scripture | Carl E. Olson | I used to believe the papacy was a man-made tradition that was directly contrary to the teachings of Scripture. Why did I change my mind?

An Interview with Roger B. Thomas | | The author of the forthcoming novel, The Accidental Marriage, discusses same-sex marriage, the role of the arts, and what it takes to write good fiction.

Secularism, Spirituality, and Witness in a Haunted Age | Carl E. Olson | The author of the new book, How (Not) to Be Secular, explains why secularism is misunderstood and exclusive humanism is not winning.

Taking Care of the Caregivers Among Us | Russell Shaw | The overall total of caregivers in America now stands at more than 65 million, which is around 30% of the adult population.

A Different Kind of Football Movie | Andrew Svenning | When the Game Stands Tall turns the usual formula for sports movies on its head, making for a thoughtful and inspiring film.

Slain journalist James Foley on praying the rosary in captivity | Catherine Harmon | "I began to pray the rosary. It was what my mother and grandmother would have prayed."

The Ultimate Protestant: Wendell Berry, Same-Sex Marriage, and the New State Religion | Jerry Salyer | The famous agrarian writer thinks homophobia is a more pressing problem for communities than homosexual activism.

Way Too Close | Nick Olszyk | The Giver is often dark and disturbing, but also refreshingly frank about serious moral, social, and cultural ills.

God's Love for Us | Fr. David Vincent Meconi, SJ | The opening line of our Catechism teaches that God has created us simply to make us "sharers in his own blessed life ... his adopted children and, thus, heirs of his blessed life".

The LCWR Doubles Down on Dissent | Ann Carey | Sister Nancy Schreck's keynote address to the LCWR 2014 annual assembly was equally confused and defiant.

At the heart of the papal trip to Korea: the witness of martyrdom | Catherine Harmon | Pope Francis: "The victory of the martyrs, their witness to the power of God's love, continues to bear fruit today in Korea, in the Church which received growth from their sacrifice."

The Canaanite woman, silver spoons, and Pharisees | Carl E. Olson | Many of Jesus' fellow Jews believed that because they were Jewish, they had it made--that is, they were right with God, while Gentiles were not.

Play the Game, Learn the Virtues | Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle | Actor Jim Caviezel talks about his new movie, When the Game Stands Tall, how sports can transform lives, and why winning isn't everything.

Toxins and Human Life | William L. Patenaude | A culture seeking to protect the unborn from deliberate death should also accept the responsibility to protect innocent human life from all other harms.

The present, future, and quality of Catholic online education | CWR Staff | An interview with Patrick Carmack, President of the Ignatius-Angelicum Liberal Studies Program, about Catholic online education, technology, and Great Books.

The Problem with "Not" Having a Personal Relationship with Jesus | Dr. Carole Brown | Jesus revealed that the One True God also has an inner life that is not only personal, but Tri-Personal, and therefore, social.

Way Too Close | Nicholas Olszyk | The Giver is often dark and disturbing, but also refreshingly frank about serious moral, social, and cultural ills.

Villa-Lobos: The Clown Turned Devout | R.J. Stove | One of 20th-century music's most industrious enfants-terribles understood, in his sacred works, Dr. Johnson's advice: "time to be in earnest."

Dialogue With Hamas and ISIS is Pointless and Impossible | William Kilpatrick | Some wars can be ended through peace negotiations, but some wars can only be ended by the decisive victory of one side over the other.

Sauce and Spice | Nicholas Olszyk | The Hundred Foot Journey is like a very nice glass of local wine: it's not fancy and flashy, but it's from home and tastes right.

Monasticism, Clericalism, and the Priesthood of All Believers | Abbot Nicholas Zachariadis and Benjamin Mann | The essence of monasticism is not clerical service--which is possible only for some--but a radically converted way of life, available to all.

The Proletarian Snobbery of CNN | Dr. Adam A. J. DeVille | Wealth is not necessarily cruel, and poverty is not necessarily humble. Let us be done with demonizing the former and romanticizing the latter.

Archbishop Kurtz: Synod can be "a catalyst" for renewal | Jim Graves | USCCB president Archbishop Joseph Kurtz will represent the US at the upcoming Synod of Bishops. The urgent challenges facing families--and how the Church can serve families better--will be the synod's top priorities, he says.

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