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Obama's Executive Order and What it Means for Catholic Organizations | John Paul Shimek | Without exemptions for religious organizations, the new federal policy may hinder the work of Catholic social service providers and educational institutions.

The Pope, Persecution, and Religious Freedom | Fr. James V. Schall, SJ | The bluntness of Francis' speaking of actual persecution of Christians on the scale that it is occurring is most encouraging.

Weeds, Seeds, and the Kingdom of Heaven | Carl E. Olson | The parables uttered by Jesus help us ponder key questions: What is the Kingdom of God? How does it come about? And how will it grow?

"Too Late Have I Loved Thee": On the Genius of Franz Joseph Haydn | R. J. Stove | He seems to need rediscovering with each new generation. And by the way, let's lose the fatuous "Papa Haydn" tag.

Catholic Seminarians Boycott Graduation from Beijing Seminary | Anthony E. Clark | Conflict over excommunicated bishop may result in suspensions of seminary students and a loss of vocations.

The West Was Wrong in Iraq--and Christians are Paying the Price | Michael Coren | Like it or not, the venomous persecution of Iraqi Christians is a direct consequence of western foreign policy.

What's Behind Attempts to Block Canada's Only Christian Law School? | Steve Weatherbe | The campaign against the proposed law school at Trinity Western University reveals intolerance posing as tolerance.

Social Justice and the Witness of the Saints | Christopher White | An interview with Brandon Vogt, whose new book examines Catholic social teaching through the lives and witness of fourteen Blesseds and Saints.

It's Time To Rethink the Constant Papal Interviews | Dr. Adam A.J. DeVille | If we are going to see high-profile papal interviews continue, permit me to suggest three changes that could benefit the Church.

Unveiling the Tactics (and Tantrums) of Tyrannical Feminists | Carrie Gress | The concocted "war on women" is sheer marketing genius; it is also angry, irrational, and dishonest.

Dragon, Empire, Soldier, Lord | David Paul Deavel | Michael Lotti's new novel of St. George fits the needs of girls and boys ... of all ages.

Cardinal George laments the loss of our "vaunted American liberties" | Carl E. Olson | The head of the Archdiocese of Chicago says that being on the wrong side of what nature teaches leads to social ruin and historical failure.

Teaching the Faith: Contributions from Thomas Aquinas
Home and School in American Catholic Life
The "Inhumanity" of the Homosexual Lifestyle
"The Giver and the Gift
Memory: Wired for God in the Eucharist

ISIS tags Christian homes in Mosul for confiscation as Christians flee
Catholic author Stratford Caldecott passes
Diocese of Santa Rosa settles 2010 abuse case for $3.5 million
Watch: Megyn Kelly rips Patricia Ireland over NOW's attack on Little Sisters of the Poor
Blessed Matteo Ricci, SJ?
Diocese of Baton Rouge: Priest cannot testify about confession in abuse case
Supreme Court Slows Obamacare's Abortion Agenda
For the first time in a 1600 years, no Masses said in Mosul
And Much More!

Exhibit at Vatican Featured One of World's Largest Collections of Rare Biblical Texts | Alberto Carosa | "Verbum Domini II" is an initiative of the Green family, founders and owners of Hobby Lobby

Monkey See, Monkey Do | Nick Olszyk | A review of the blockbuster movie, "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes".

Hope Dies Hard: The Ballad of LeBron James | James Day | "I started thinking about what it would be like to raise my family in my hometown."

Skeptics and the Claims of the Catholic Church | Thomas M. Doran | Seventeen reasons scoffers ought to rethink Catholicism, if they really thought about it.

Skeptics and the Claims of the Catholic Church | Thomas M. Doran | Seventeen reasons scoffers ought to rethink Catholicism, if they really thought about it.

Dragon, Empire, Soldier, Lord | David Paul Deavel | Michael Lotti's new novel of St. George fits the needs of girls and boys ... of all ages.

The parables of Christ are not secret codes but calls to conversion | Carl E. Olson | There are about 40 parables in the Synoptic Gospels, and each expresses some truth about the mystery of the Kingdom of God.

Cardinal Kasper and the Church Fathers | Adam G. Cooper | In seeking pastoral solutions for divorced and remarried Catholics, Kasper misrepresents the position of the Church Fathers.

Canada's Pro-Life Convict is Free Again--But Not For Long | Steve Weatherbe | Mary Wagner's mission takes her into abortion clinics and behind bars.

Chapter One of Citadel of God: A Novel About Saint Benedict | Louis de Wohl | The opening chapter of the novelist's de Wohl account of the dramatic life of St. Benedict, the father of Western monasticism.

Alice von Hildebrand: Reflecting on a Life of Teaching, Scholarship, and Prayer | Jim Graves | With her memoirs due out later this summer, the prolific writer and scholar looks back over decades of service to the Gospel and to truth.

Chaldean Patriarch Fears Iraqi Christian Exodus | Michael J. Miller | Patriarch Louis Raphael I Sako remarks on ISIS, the future of Iraq, and the responsibility of the West.

Secularists show true colors in reaction to SCOTUS ruling | Russell Shaw | The long expected showdown between faith and secularism has begun.

10 Things You Should Know About the American Founding | Bradley J. Birzer | On this Fourth of July, 238 years after Congress declared independence, it's well worth remembering a number of things about the Founding era.

Talking About Nature in an Unnatural Age | James Kalb | We're stuck preaching the word out of season, because the basic assumptions on which discussion is carried on are radically anti-Christian.

Transformers, Dinosaurs, and Angels | Christopher S. Morrissey | Transformers: Age of Extinction offers a surprisingly interesting grand-scale speculative mythology to match the size of the battles between its robot aliens.

An Archbishop and the Politicians: When Hope Meets Cynicism | Alan L. Anderson | Abp. Salvatore Cordileone's recent letter should serve as a template for all those engaged in evangelizing our ever-increasingly hostile culture.

Books, NOW's "Dirty 100", History, Insults, Sentimentality, Tunes, and Pet Peeves | Carl E. Olson | Thoughts on the passing scened from the Editor of Catholic World Report.

Cricket and Diplomacy | Joanna Bogle | Australia celebrates 40 years of diplomatic relations with the Holy See.

Tasteless "Tammy": Or, "When Louise Had a Granddaughter" | Nick Olszyk | Melissa McCarthy's new film contains a few small comedic morsels drowning in a lethal concoction of booze, adultery, and stupidity.

The Instrumentum Laboris: Some highlights and what they will mean for the synod | Tracey Rowland | Excerpts likely to be of particular interest to people in developed western countries and scholars in the field of sacramental and moral theology.

The Incarnation and Three Metaphysical Paradoxes | Carl E. Olson | There are truths revealed to man by God that strain at the limits of human language.

"Deliver Us from Evil" Delivers Too Much and Too Little | Michael Jameson | Scott Derrickson's new film is spooky and startling, but struggles to please disparate audiences.

Cahill's Self-Serving History of Heretics and Heroes | Dr. Michael B. Kelly | Outrage-free history has never been easy to write, and Thomas Cahill is not up to the task in his new book on the Renaissance and Reformation.

Captain Francis: The Pope and Sports | Fr. James V. Schall, SJ | We learn much about life by winning and striving to win, but we also learn much by losing according to the rules.

Saints Peter and Paul: Key witnesses to the reality and veracity of Jesus Christ | Carl E. Olson | Both men were flawed; both were transformed by encountering Christ. Both were martyred for their faith in Christ.

Non-believers Make the Best Saint Movies: Monsieur Vincent | Patrick Coffin | "It is only because of your love that the poor will forgive you the bread that you give them."

USCCB on Hobby Lobby ruling: "Justice has prevailed" | Catherine Harmon | The bishops praised the Supreme Court for "[recognizing] that Americans can continue to follow their faith when they run a family business."

Politicians and Bishops in an Age of Absurdity and Bumper Stickers | Carl E. Olson | Nancy Pelosi's attempt to stop Archbishop Cordileone from being Catholic and a bishop indicates we are living in a confused, insane time.

Skewing Scalia | Gregory J. Sullivan | Bruce Allen Murphy's biography, Scalia: A Court of One, relies too much on a problematic thesis and too little on good research.

Francis and South Korea | John Paul Shimek | In his first international visits, the Pope looks to "the ends of the Earth" and to the young.

Blunders, Failures, and Wasted Time in Iraq | Russell Shaw | The U.S. doesn't have the answer to Iraq's problems, and it never did.

"The Fault in Our Stars" and the Sacred Heart of Jesus | Fr. Robert Barron | The question that haunts the entire movie is how can there be meaning in the universe when two wonderful young kids are dying of cancer?

Being "offended" does not constitute an "establishment" of religion | Dr. John A. Sparks | The U.S. Supreme Court is still sadly confused about what constitutes religious establishment.

The Real Scandal Behind the Tuam Home for Unwed Mothers | Michael Kelly | While the media rushed to exaggeration, misinformation, and fabrication, the real societal ills behind the deaths of 800 Irish children were largely overlooked.

The Quran and Christianity | Michael Coren | Islam's holy book is filled with intolerant, aggressive language that calls directly for violence against Christians.

The new manna, the Eucharist, is supernatural food given for supernatural life | Carl E. Olson | John 6, especially verses 51-71, was the most bothersome passage in the Bible for me as a Protestant.

On Learning From Not Having Learned | Fr. James V. Schall, SJ | What I call "another sort of learning" is the finding and reading those seminal books that take us to the truth and order of things.

John Paul II's Warning and Ireland's Choice | K. V. Turley | On the Feast of the Irish Martyrs, some reflections on Catholic faith and the "New Ireland".

The Franciscan Friars of the Renewal: Evangelizing Amid Poverty and Secularism | Jim Graves | An interview with Father Glenn Sudano, one of the religious order's founding members.

Seeing the Hand of God | John Herreid | A review of Watcher from the Shore by Catholic Japanese novelist Ayako Sono

Giving Our Grief over to the "Man Acquainted with Grief" | Dn. James Keating | The pain of loss can be so difficult that many turn away from such pain and lose themselves in a world of their own making and artificial consolation.

Live, Die, Repeat--But Don't Dissect | Andrew Svenning | Tom Cruise's new film, Edge of Tomorrow, is a solid sci-fi flick that almost succeeds in hiding its flaws.

Toward the Gleam: Making the Sausage | T. M. Doran | I've been asked by many how this story came to be. Where did the idea originate? How was the "superstructure" of the story assembled?

US Bishops Focus on Family, Religious Freedom at Spring Meeting | Helen Hull Hitchcock | Bishops present unified front on current challenges to faith, freedom, and family at recent Spring General Assembly in New Orleans.

The Catholic Culture Wars Continue--and That's a Good Thing | Anne Hendershott | Calls to end the "balkanization" of the faithful sound good, but reveal a refusal to admit why "balkanization" exists in the first place.

Abp. Cordileone responds to calls to withdraw from pro-marriage march | Catherine Harmon | "Please do not make judgments based on stereotypes, media images and comments taken out of context. Rather, get to know us first as fellow human beings."

The Ecumenical Laboratory of Ukraine | Brett R. McCaw | A conversation with His Beatitude Lubomyr Cardinal Husar about the Maidan movement and relationships between Catholics and Orthodox.

The Central Mystery of the Faith, The Source of Reality | Carl E. Olson | There are a couple of mistakes that can be made when it comes to thinking about the great mystery of the Most Holy Trinity.

Growing Up Is Hard To Do | Nick Olszyk | How to Train Your Dragon 2 is pro-family, pro-stewardship, pro-responsibility--and pro-awesome dragon fights.

Catholicism and Authentic Fatherhood | Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers | Clayton C. Barbeau's The Father of the Family communicates a spirituality that truly embraces what it means to be a man of God.

Carrying on the Battle | James Kalb | To deal with the current situation we must abandon comfort, mediocrity, and the habit of blurring our views on fundamental issues.

Live, Die, Repeat--But Don't Dissect | Andrew Svenning | Tom Cruise's new film, Edge of Tomorrow, is a solid sci-fi flick that almost succeeds in hiding its flaws.

Exaggerations and Myths about Ireland Child Burials | Atheist Brendan O'Neill, editor of Spiked Online, criticizes "crazed claims" about Bons Secours Sisters' St. Mary's home for unwed mothers.

Marriage and Social Justice | John Burger | "Rebuilding a marriage culture is an imperative of social justice," says Bill May, founder and president of Catholics for the Common Good.

Bill Maher, False Faith, and the Bible | Fr. Robert Barron | What Maher characterizes as "faith" is nothing but superstition or credulity or intellectual irresponsibility.

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